UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Sascha Dal Santo

19 08 2009

Hi again!

Last semester just flew by and so did the holidays! So now all us 3rd year IDES kids are back and already getting into the session with a lot of work!

In our studio class, we’re looking at packaging and closures of packaging products. We’re currently undertaking a project with the Cormack Packaging Innovation Awards, where we also went on a factory visit to the Cormack factory in Condell Park. The factory visit was really interesting as we got to see the actual product line for packaging products such as Masterfood tomato sauce bottle closures, Mi-zone and Gatorade bottles, etc. The Cormack Packaging workers were all very helpful in assisting us with our projects and giving us advice and technical expertise on our proposed designs.

We’re also starting to think of our 4th year final projects for next year – which is really scary because it feels as though it was only yesterday when I was in Yr.12 at school and looking at the final projects, thinking I’ll never get to that stage! A lot of us are also taking General Education Courses this session, which are really fun. I’m currently doing an online fashion course which is really interesting, and a ceramics class which is really fun. General Education Courses are just a good way to experience other faculties and even completely different areas of study compared to the course you may be doing. This is a good thing about UNSW because not many Uni’s offer this. So that’s about it for now! Despite being completely flat out with work (as always) the course is going well and is really interesting so far! Will report back with more after my first project is due!




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