UNSW Built Environment: 2010 Graduand Catalogues

14 12 2010

Our 2010 UNSW Built Environment Graduand Catalogues have been released for viewing. These catalogues showcase the achievements of our 2010 of our graduating students – congratulations to all those involved.

If you would like to view the various graduand catalogues, please click the links below.

Architectural Computing

Architecture (BArch)

Industrial Design

Landscape Architecture

Master of Architecture (MArch)

UNSW Built Environment Architectural Computing: Nikolina Borak

18 05 2010

Half way through this semester and ready to pull my hair out but there is only another half and another five assignments to go. The second half is always easier because you have become comfortable with your subjects and you now know what is expected from you. My Digital Collaboration Studio class is the most stressful but also the most insightful. The image below is just from one of the assignments that needed to be completed, we had to remodel the UNSW campus and then place our models in a gaming engine to be able to walk through our buildings in real time.

New College Village (Postgrad Housing) UNSW

My other classes are going steady, my Textiles in Interior Architecture class is all about how textiles can be used in design and the importance of textiles in interiors. Multimedia in Design Presentation’s final assignment is group work but it is interesting to work with people that are not in my course because I am able to learn things about other courses.

Looking forward to enrolling  for my graduation project next semester but before going too far ahead of myself I am looking forward to going on an Europe trip for end of semester break to calm my nerves ad prepare myself for the most important semester in my course.

UNSW Built Environment Architectural Computing: David Butterworth

31 03 2010

So my final year is off to a hectic start, it’s week three already and the work is piling up as expected. I’m currently 3rd Year Architectural Computing so the excitement of graduating is gradually growing, I’m definitely keen to start looking for employment especially with our final grad project next semester.

The summer went very quick as I completed 3 summer courses to get ahead and free up some time this year.  I also moved out of college and into a 5 bedroom place in Randwick.

Third Year really only has one core subject which is Digital Collaboration Studio, so I don’t get to see as many familiar faces as we are all doing electives. I chose a 3d object and space elective at COFA where we are using formZ to model and print in 3d. I’m also doing Multimedia in Design Presentation with Dean Utian from BE (Built Environment) and we are currently learning Director which should be interesting.

Probably the most interesting part of this year will be that I’m starting to tutor Experimental Modelling for Jeremy Harkins.  It’s a bit daunting at first but I definitely feel comfortable standing up in the labs and running the tutes. It’s a weird change going from student to teacher but I could see myself tutoring in years to come, hopefully I can tutor more subjects next year.

Here is an image i created at the end of last year in Design Information Modelling, we were using Autodesk Revit to create a BIM (building information model) and upload to a model server! exciting stuff 🙂

UNSW Built Environment Architectural Computing: Nikolina Borak

18 03 2010


My name is Nikolina and I am in my 3rd and final year of architectural computing and really glad to be finishing but also feeling a bit down having to leave the Built Environment. During my long summer break that consisted of sleeping, beach, going out with friends, designing visuals for my family, and a little bit of studying and an interesting summer course, I was eager to get back to my studies and start my final year.

This year my classes consist of mostly electives that allow me to broaden my knowledge, not just about architectural computing. I am doing very unusual courses (Property assessment to textiles to multimedia) that do not relate to one another but will be very helpful once I am in the field and give me a competitive advantage against others. I am really enjoying my first weeks of the semester and looking forward to developing my skills further and understanding what is needed once I finish. Once I finish I would like to go into visualisations and am currently looking for work experience for this year.

I hope that this year will be interesting and different and hopefully not too difficult.
Wishing everyone luck for the year.

UNSW Built Environment Event: Pure Digital – Architectural Computing Graduation Exhibition

20 11 2009

After what seemed like a long and enduring period, graduating students of Architectural Computing 2009 had finally accomplished their goals and dreams.

We held our Graduation Project exhibition on 12th of November. Overall the night was very successful with a huge turn out of people and delicious catering which ran through the whole evening.

The evening was organised by the graduating students, displaying our final graduation projects. Each student had chosen their subject of interest within the specialised field of Architectural Visualisation. Projects were based on real world clients and real world building and architectural projects this allowed students to present their compatibility with working in the current industry.

Displays ranged from interactive real-time projects to 3D still visualisation and 3D animation.

A huge applause goes to all the students involved in preparation to the event and the hours they had put in to make the exhibition evening a success. Also many thanks to the program head Stephen Peter.

UNSW Built Environment Architectural Computing: David Butterworth

17 09 2009

Hey all,

Second year, second semester… The end is in sight, but still a fair way to go before my grad project at the end of next year. I’m happy to say that all my classes seem to be quite good. I’m especially keen for my first ever University elective, which the Arch Comp guys are pretty happy to see, I chose Design Modelling- Time Based with Jeremy Harkins. I took a bit of a stab in the dark in terms of choosing the elective because I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d be in for. After my first tutorial, it appears that the course is mainly 3Ds Max, which I am really excited for and hopefully I can build on my skills from 1st year. Other electives chosen by Arch Comp students were Advanced BIM (building information modelling) and Advance Multimedia… (and others).

After first semester with the Arch Studies students, we have broken off and gone our separate paths.  We are doing a Computation Studio, which is the equivalent to the architectural studies design studio (or so I am told ?!). We are currently looking at Shape Grammars, learning to script with Java*sigh*, and processing.

My other subjects include Structures and Construction and Design Information Management, both seem fairly beneficial and interesting. I’ve included some images from last semester that I submitted which you may not have seen yet… I was very happy with my results (though my WAM has dropped 1 point). Stay posted for more….



New skin

New skin

Stadium interior

Stadium interior

UNSW Built Environment Architectural Computing: Derek Georgeson

25 08 2009

Second semester beginnings are always a rush. You’ve just had time to relax from 3 or 4 weeks off when you turn up to your first days of new class, only to find that the professors haven’t had a holiday and are still in full swing, giving you a dozen assessments due before you’ve even had time to work out where all your classes are.
This semester we’re looking into some of the more technical aspects of the building side with a Structures and Construction course which is basically there to stop our ideas getting too imaginative and unreal (as previous works of mine started to get). It’s still pretty interesting though, getting a Structural Engineers perspective on all the crazy schemes architects make (and that architectural computing students envision). Otherwise there’s the ever fun design courses which continue to push my ideas to go further than I’d actually thought through (which at the time just makes me feel fairly uninspired, but when I get home and start thinking about how I can solve the problems my designs get new levels to them).
This course is pretty cool, and knowing that the technology we’re using gets more advanced, innovating and interchangeable every year is nice. Last semester the Building Information Modelling course went really well until we had to try and import our models into other programs for analysis, and in order to do so the models had to be destroyed and turned into simple geometric shapes, thoroughly ruining my aesthetic. Just to my annoyance, 2 months later, the new versions were released with about twice the compatibility, meaning my hard work could have been about half the effort if I’d been doing the course this semester, and probably about one quarter if I did the course next year. Still, that’s the fun of being in the every changing technology industry, and also the reason why this course will take me far, because no one knows these programs like we do!
Well hopefully I’ll see you at the open day and you can bug me for tips on how to get into this course!