UNSW Built Environment Architectural Computing: Nikolina Borak

18 05 2010

Half way through this semester and ready to pull my hair out but there is only another half and another five assignments to go. The second half is always easier because you have become comfortable with your subjects and you now know what is expected from you. My Digital Collaboration Studio class is the most stressful but also the most insightful. The image below is just from one of the assignments that needed to be completed, we had to remodel the UNSW campus and then place our models in a gaming engine to be able to walk through our buildings in real time.

New College Village (Postgrad Housing) UNSW

My other classes are going steady, my Textiles in Interior Architecture class is all about how textiles can be used in design and the importance of textiles in interiors. Multimedia in Design Presentation’s final assignment is group work but it is interesting to work with people that are not in my course because I am able to learn things about other courses.

Looking forward to enrolling  for my graduation project next semester but before going too far ahead of myself I am looking forward to going on an Europe trip for end of semester break to calm my nerves ad prepare myself for the most important semester in my course.


UNSW Built Environment Staff: Rina Bernabei – Lighting by Design

11 06 2009

Prior to joining UNSW Built Environment as a lecturer in 1996, Rina worked in design studios in Sydney and Milan, her furniture design work won international awards, and was exhibited and published locally and internationally. Whilst in Milan Rina also worked on projects for companies such as; Fiat, Alfa Romeo/Lancia, Disano and Lorica. In 1997 she co founded Ovo Design – a lighting design company that created innovative products using industrial textiles and a mix of craft and industrial production techniques. The resulting designs were in many exhibitions both locally and internationally, most notably at the Milan Furniture Fair. Currently working on new products that explore the relationship between textiles and the interior environment.

Rina, one half of the bernabeifreeman partnership is a leading lighting designer and lecturer in Industrial Design.   Here’s a look at the stunning work behind the name.  And if you want to know more – go have a look at their blog.