UNSW Built Environment Event: [re]vision 09 exhibition to celebrate Masters of Architecture students

11 11 2009


Over 100 student projects will be showcased as part of the 2009 Masters of Architecture Graduation Exhibition — [re]vision09 — which will run from 20-26 November at CarriageWorks in Eveleigh.

It really is an exciting opportunity to look at the work of the next generation of architects who will design our neighbourhoods, towns and cities.

The student committee has been working hard for months to coordinate sponsorship, secure a venue and pull together this exhibition which, for many, will be the culmination of five years study in architecture.

We’re pleased to welcome a diverse range of industry supporters who have sponsored the exhibition and will be there to view this showcase of student work.

Please thank them for their support for students studying architecture at UNSW!  Thanks also to our generous alumni donors, particularly the leadership gifts by Glenn Murcutt and Thomas Ho.

The exhibition will feature work from a diverse range of design studios including ‘public space in Sydney’, ‘a manner of making things, ‘materials, tectonics and detailing’ and ‘living in contemporary Sydney’.

[re]vision09 opens on:

Friday 20 November



Wilson Street, Eveleigh

[re]vision09 will be officially opened by Professor Marco Frascari, author, architect, and Dean of the Azrielii School of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Carleton, Canada. Professor Frascari will also give a seminar on Scarpa’s view of construction drawings at 4.30pm at CarriageWorks.

UNSW Built Environment is grateful for the support of:

Founding Sponsor: James Hardie

Principal Sponsor: NSW Architects Registration Board

Director Sponsor: Australian Institute of Architects, FJMT. Stramit Building Products, PTW

Associate Sponsor: Indesign, BATESSMART, Cox, HASSELL, Woodhead

Congratulations to all the graduating students and we look forward to joining our community of students, staff, industry and alumni at this celebration.

UNSW Built Environment Architectural Studies: Queenie Tran

3 09 2009

Glenn Murcutt is one of Australia’s leading architects, internationally recognised for his environmentally conscious designs and a great educator of architecture, he teaches the 3rd year, Graduation Design Studio.

Students elected to partake in Glenn Murcutt’s landscape focused studio – an unmissable experience.
On a cold Thursday morning, two-coaches packed with UNSW’s architecture students headed down south towards Cootralantra, after a brief stop at Cooma for lunch and last minute shopping to rug up, as well as all the junk food we could carry. Before long, we were driving past our site and into the Southern Cross Motel in Berridale.
As it was late afternoon by the time we arrived, we spent the rest of the day settling in and getting sorted. After a quick dinner, most of us were in the lodge with music, drinks, and company with the odd table-tennis match or a board game. It was at the lodge that most of us spend our evenings together either discussing our site and ideas, or working on our group assignments.
It was the first day on site that we really got to feel just how frosty it would be. We spend two days on site exploring its typography, the views and generally getting a sense of the site. We were able to experience the site first-hand, hair and paper blowing amongst the giant granite boulders and sheep’s corpse.
We had a great weekend away on site observing, but more than that, having fun whilst learning. For me, highlights of the trip had to be leaping on huge granite boulders 8m high, but I mostly had small little jumps across the rocks, but the view, amazing. Looking out into the horizon, where the land meets the sky. And, at night, all the stars that you never get to see in the city. But I am sure that the few of us who woke up for our 6am meeting on site to see the sunrise really showed just how beautiful life on a farm could be. The glow of the sun rising behind the hills, illuminating the red soils of the ground and all the beautiful yellows, oranges, reds, blues and purples of the sky.
But mostly – it was about being with friends, studying amongst friends and having fun with friends, whether it be over a game of poker, watching the game on the huge lodge screen next to the fireplace, or our insane “table”-tennis games, where a table isn’t required, instead, all we needed was a large indoor barbecue.


UNSW Built Environment Master of Architecture: Mark David Roach

30 03 2009

Hi my name is Mark and I’m currently doing my Master of Architecture, having graduated from a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from UNSW in 2007. I chose to study at UNSW mainly because of the balanced nature of the architecture degree, the excellent reputation of UNSW and the exciting atmosphere and culture of the campus and its surroundings.

One of the most rewarding courses that I completed was during my third year: a design studio run by Pritzker Prize winning architect Glenn Murcutt, that focused on a site in Walcha about 500km north-west of Sydney. He was a great inspiration for all of us. The History and Theory electives on offer at the FBE also had quite a profound affect on my way of thinking about architecture and equipped me with the skills to understand many of the subtle qualities of architecture and the way architects approach design. The General Education courses on offer at UNSW were also quite useful as they offered opportunities to study courses from other faculties such as Design: Models as a Tool, Using the Media, Religion and Terror, Witches, Quacks and Lunatics.

At the moment I’m doing a research studio in preparation for my graduation project in Semester 2 and have been experimenting with some awesome new laser cutters at UNSW’s Squarehouse Workshop. I’m also doing a course called Professional Practice, which offers a fascinating insight into the legal and business aspects of architectural practice. On top of that, I’m working on my portfolio, which I hope to complete by the second half of the year.