UNSW Built Environment Master of Architecture: Mark David Roach

30 03 2009

Hi my name is Mark and I’m currently doing my Master of Architecture, having graduated from a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from UNSW in 2007. I chose to study at UNSW mainly because of the balanced nature of the architecture degree, the excellent reputation of UNSW and the exciting atmosphere and culture of the campus and its surroundings.

One of the most rewarding courses that I completed was during my third year: a design studio run by Pritzker Prize winning architect Glenn Murcutt, that focused on a site in Walcha about 500km north-west of Sydney. He was a great inspiration for all of us. The History and Theory electives on offer at the FBE also had quite a profound affect on my way of thinking about architecture and equipped me with the skills to understand many of the subtle qualities of architecture and the way architects approach design. The General Education courses on offer at UNSW were also quite useful as they offered opportunities to study courses from other faculties such as Design: Models as a Tool, Using the Media, Religion and Terror, Witches, Quacks and Lunatics.

At the moment I’m doing a research studio in preparation for my graduation project in Semester 2 and have been experimenting with some awesome new laser cutters at UNSW’s Squarehouse Workshop. I’m also doing a course called Professional Practice, which offers a fascinating insight into the legal and business aspects of architectural practice. On top of that, I’m working on my portfolio, which I hope to complete by the second half of the year.