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Ali Gates - Landscape

Ali Gates, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (4th Year)

Hey! My name’s Ali Gates and I’m currently 20 years old. I am a strong believer that life is a balancing act. It is important to try and fit in hanging with my mates, working, studying and keeping fit. Working at a Landscape Architecture firm and going to uni keeps me pretty busy, but when I’m not doing that I play netball, cycle and get to the gym whenever I can. I really hate winter time- the cold short days don’t really inspire you to get out there and live life. But winter does have one positive- Skiing!

I believe Landscape Architecture doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Think about all the time you spend in public places like parks, plaza, or streetscapes. All these are designed by Landscape Architect with the sole intent of increasing your quality of life. Imagine life without these places to escape to. I hope to further increase the quality of public life by bringing agriculture to our urban environment. Why grow our fruit and veg miles way and then transport it huge distances when we could grow it in our own backyard!?

I like to think that I’m environmentally conscious but I’m yet to turn this consciousness into action. But I love learning about anything green! I hope I can put my determination and hard work to use in the future but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Angus Hardwick Co-op

Angus Hardwick, Bachelor of Architectural Studies (2nd Year)

I have just commenced second year of my Bachelor of Architectural Studies and am 19. I’m one of those people who can’t help but be doing something (though when I have an idol moment you’ll probably find me soaking up some rays at ‘The Beautiful Beach’ aka Palm Beach). Life for me at the moment includes, architectural studies, coaching a debating team, working casually for an architectural practice, surf life saving,  photography, surf boat rowing, art gallery trips and sleep somewhere in all of that.

There wasn’t one defining moment when I went ‘I want to study architecture’ but after completing my 1st year of studies as well as some time working in the industry, I know that I’m in for the long haul. I believe the need to keep architecture and ‘good’ design active in the consciences of society is an issue that I see currently facing architects given the resulting shifts as a result of the GFC and the growing pace of globalisation.

Boris To

Boris To, Master of Architecture (1st Year)

I am a postgraduate student at UNSW undertaking the Masters of Architecture program concurrently working for Cox Richardson Planners and Architects. It is a coursework based program that is mandatory for anyone wanting to become a registered architect in order to practice.

I have spent an extra year between my Bachelors and Masters on the Honours program, which is a researched based course that allows any enrolled student to undertake a specific research topic of their own choice. It was a highly beneficial course in that I got to learn a lot more about my own area of interest in architecture as well as methods of doing a sound research.

Today, I feel many have underestimated the significance of theory and research in architecture, believing that design / practice is completely separate. However, I think this is not entirely true. In fact my research involved a combination of both written and design components. Development of the research unfolded naturally since theory and design informed each other. To me only sound research will lead to a strong concept and vision that generates a cohesive, substantial and meaningful design. I highly recommend anyone finishing their “final” year in their undergraduate program to consider doing the Honours research.

Christina Livers - Planning

Christina Livers, Bachelor of Planning (4th Year)

Hi my name is Christina and I am a 4th year Bachelor of Planning student. I have grown up exploring the urban spaces of Sydney- it has definitely been a colourful, vibrant and inspiring place to be and hang out with friends (something which I believe is intrinsically linked to my interest in planning). My interest in the planning profession originally stemmed from my keen interest in geography at school. As well as this I have always had a curiosity about different communities and what shapes them, to become the unique places which they are. These elements combined drew me to study the BPlan, the degree has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of planning issues and gain a greater understanding of how all the different aspects of planning (built, economic and social environments) link together. In particular the work experience component of the degree has been really valuable. I have been on work experience for the past 9 months and it has been great to be immersed in the planning profession everyday as it has afforded me a greater perspective of the industry as a whole and allowed me to gain direction as to the area of planning I aspire to be involved in. I have also had the fortune of meeting many fantastic people within the industry, including some past graduates of the BPlan! If you think you have an interest in the bigger picture, shaping communities, being involved in small intimate classes and working on innovative and engaging tasks, then experience the journey that is the BPlan!

Daniel Sutherland - ID

Daniel Sutherland, Bachelor of Industrial Design (4th Year)

Hi, I’m Daniel. I’m a 22 year old student in my 4th year @ UNSW in Industrial Design. This course is a bit of a labor-of-love for me; it takes up a lot of my time physically and mentally, but I enjoy it.

I’ve come to realise that my course isn’t so much a be-all-end-all degree, but rather a platform for a long road of specialised learning – within industry, on your own, or through an institution like UNSW. Many fresh Industrial Design graduates will tell you that this degree turns you into a real “Jack of all trades, Master of none” – I believe this to be one of the best features of this kind of degree; nobody really graduates from any degree as a “professional anything” anyway. My idea of what I’d like to do with the rest of my life has evolved over this degree – thankfully, Industrial Design does play a role in that future and has provided me with the room and versatility to be able to tailor my skills to suit.

Outside of Uni – I take photos, make stuff (jewellery and general tinkering), spend lots of time on the internet and occasionally play drums.

If you enjoyed “D & T” at school, lateral thinking / problem solving, working with your hands, fixing things, and have a keen eye for detail (in consumer products specifically) – then Industrial Design could be the profession for you.

David Butterworth - COMP

David Butterworth, Bachelor of Architectural Computing (3rd Year)

Hey, my name is David Butterworth. I’m in 3rd and final year Architectural Computing. I have three jobs at the moment; I make pizza at Crust Pizza bar in Maroubra Junction, I tutor 2nd Year Experimental Modeling at UNSW and I’m a Student Ambassador for my degree. I was originally from Cowra, central NSW and moved to New College on Campus at UNSW after graduating High School in 2007. I now live in Randwick with 4 others guys, I enjoy late nights in the city, handing in assignments on time, grocery shopping and sitting on my back veranda. I’m looking forward to my graduation project next session and finally starting to search for work/clients which I can follow up once I’ve graduated.

David Galea - BCMP

David Galea, Bachelor of Construction Management and Property (4th Year)

I am Dav and I like stuff.

Derek Georgeson - COMP

Derek Georgeson, Bachelor of Architectural Studies (2nd Year)

Hey, I’m Derek Georgeson, 20 years old and studying architecture at UNSW. I’m the sort of person who always has to be doing something, although there are Sunday afternoons where that something is lying in a hammock reading anything but study related material. I rock climb, surf during the summer, learn Taido and go jogging every second morning, and somehow in there I manage to go to uni and see my friends.

Why architecture? For me it was a combination of the lifestyle and an inspiration. The lifestyle idea is that architecture is project work; you get the job, work on it day after day through the various stages until its finished. I love this style of work because you can see it finished and there’s a sense of accomplishment, and I can’t wait until the day I finish my first real job and get to walk through my building and say “wow… I designed this”. On the other hand was my gap year, a trip to Europe and my time spent in Edinburgh and Barcelona there the buildings are gorgeous and the city exceptional. At some stage in the cities, I just thought, “damn, this place is beautiful”… don’t need much more of a kick than that.

Emily Cheung - IA

Emily Cheung, Bachelor of Interior Architecture (2nd Year)

Jess Pascoe

Jess Pascoe, Bachelor of Construction Management and Property (2nd Year)

My name is Jess Pascoe and I am 19. I am a very relaxed person who is always up for a good time. I love playing sport, especially netball, as well as basketball and tennis, and enjoy going out or just hanging out with friends, and the odd family member!

I wanted a career in property for a long time. I started off wanting to be an architect, then an interior designer, finally deciding that I wanted to be a property developer because I wanted a hand in everything. Now that I have actually begun my course I am very pleased with my decision. It has been extremely interesting and a totally different experience to what I had been used to.

I found myself a job in the industry around July last year and have been working since then, which has helped my learning tremendously. Over the summer I also had full time placement with Laing O’Rourke who is one of my two scholarship sponsors. It was surprisingly quite a fun way to spend my summer, being on site in Manly and in the office at North Sydney.  I am very excited for my second year, I have a great time table, and am looking forward to getting back into uni.

John Ha - BCMP

John Ha, Bachelor of Construction Management and Property (4th Year)

Hi, My name is John Ha, born in Australia, Parents are from Korea.  For me…the work-life balance is unbelievable – I have more spare time for volunteer work and I scuba dive with the UNSW Underwater Club.

Every since I started playing around with LEGOs, I got addicted to getting my hands dirty. Not just in the mud, but building, drawing, designing and making really creative, wonderful and practical items, objects, buildings and vehicles. From this, I discovered the BCMP course opened my mind – I get to help build buildings of all different shapes and sizes.

Nikolina Borak, Bachelor of Architectural Computing (2nd Year)

Patrick Griffin, Bachelor of Architectural Studies (3rd Year)

Hi, my name is Patrick Griffin. I am 21 years old and in my 3rd Year of Studying Architecture at UNSW. I live on campus where I make the most of the crazy college lifestyle, as well as surfing at Maroubra beach most mornings before class. During holidays I travel up the coast to visit family, relax, and enjoy a bit more surfing.

I came to uni from a performing arts high school, where I studied drama, art and music, as well as science based subjects. Growing up, I always enjoyed designing things, from paper aeroplanes to Lego structures and theatre lighting. I wanted to pursue a career in design that brings together the artistic/conceptual side of the mind with the scientific/logical.

Studying Architecture has really changed the way I think about design and the buildings around us. Much of the work in the degree gives me a creative outlet where I can turn simple ideas into complex designs. There’s a real sense of satisfaction in finishing a challenging project as well as having a room that’s filled with drawings and models (instead of exam papers and textbooks).  So far everything has been one huge learning experience, which I intend to make the most of!

Riley Field, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (4th Year)

Hi my Name is Riley.  I’m in my final year of the undergraduate Landscape Architecture degree. I chose this degree because I have a passion for art and design as well as the outdoors. My own understanding of landscape architecture changes all the time. Every Christmas when the rellies ask what I do, I give them a different answer. Each year they don’t remember for obvious reasons, but it gives me a chance to refine my own idea of the discipline I study, and no I’m not a gardener nan. Landscape architecture for me is more than just designing the outdoors. It is about understanding the complex relationships between people and the environment in which we live. It is then to draw on this understanding and apply it to our own design thinking. And what do we design in our degree? Anything from backyard spaces to cities, the scale differs dramatically and no it is not limited to just the outdoors.

This year I’m currently working part time while studying. Working within the industry is a good way to gain an understanding of how to apply what you’ve learnt into practise. It’s also a great way to expand your own knowledge and understanding as well as meet people within the industry.

Apart from uni and work, I try and find time to surf, fish, play rugby and spend time with my mates. Balance is good, although something that is hard. Look forward to seeing you throughout the semester, if you have any queries don’t hesitate to have a chat.

Sascha Dal Santo - ID

Sascha Dal Santo, Bachelor of Industrial Design (4th Year)

My name is Sascha, and I am currently in my fourth and final (yay) year of Industrial Design. I am 21 years old and have a highly multi-cultural background: my father is Italian, my mother is half-British, half Scottish, and my sister is adopted from Korea – a wide mix there, I know!

Some of my main interests include design, fashion, working, going to the gym and especially travelling – I’m heading to Spain and Ibiza later this year, which I’m very excited about! I also have a fondess for tattoos – now having 9; the majority of which I have designed myself.

I went down the Industrial Design path after having done a lot of design and art work and subjects during school. It’s a really interesting course and covers a range of different subject areas such as product design, visual communications, marketing, ergonomics, design history – it keeps going and going.  It’s a lot of work but a lot of fun at the same time – how many people can say that about uni!

Shawna Ng - LAND

Shawna Ng, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (3rd Year)

When I was a kid, I had always looked up to people in the design profession, admiring their talent and sophisticated taste. Despite that, I knew my own artistic aptitude meant that this was never going to be the path for me.For one, I doodle, not draw, and being educated mainly in the field of science and mathematics, I probably had a calculator at hand more often than a sketchpad.10 years down the road though, life seems to have different plans in store for me. very different. A rollercoaster ride so far, but a ride so enriching and thrilling I’d never regretted it thus far.

Susie Irvine

Susie Irvine, Bachelor of Construction Management & Property (2nd Year)

Hey, my name is Susie Irvine, I am 19yrs old and I like being busy and active. I love going out with friends, swimming, water-polo, surf lifesaving and being involved in uni life outside of study.

It was Design and Technology at school which led me to study BCMP. I enjoyed the design component but it was the construction process to completion that I found most rewarding. The degree gives me exposure to and develops my skills in aspects of construction and project management. I am looking forward to being able to apply this knowledge in the work environment, being part of a team that brings designs to realisations.

15 responses

24 07 2009
Paul Lopez

Dear Mr Mark Roach

One day I wish to become an architect, how do I go about getting into such a difficult course, I heard the program is very intense but also rewarding any tips?


1 12 2009

Hi there everyone,
Im totally impressed by your blog entries and was wondering if anyone of you’ll or any of your mates might sell me your textbooks. I’d welcome anything as a thirsty interior design student.
Sweetangel 🙂

10 01 2010

How do I become a blogger for UNSW construction? Thanks!

2 02 2010

I am from Mexico and i am about to go to australia to make my postgraduate studies in sustainable design. I have to decide whether to go to usyd or to unsw. I am really considering the different things that any uni offers but I really don’t know what to do!!!!!. Could anybody give me any advise?

3 02 2010
UNSW Built Environment

Hi April… I happen to think the UNSW program is a stronger one for Sustainable Development: gives students the opportunity to see things from a global, urban and personal perspective as they move through the program. Also, plenty of opportunity to ‘design your own degree’ as options for electives are limitless. Very strong units on energy and materials as well… Email with any other questions – but we hope to see you here!

3 02 2010

yeiii!!! Thanks for your response!
Hopefully I will see you at unsw next july!
cheers and have a nice week u all!

16 09 2010

Wow! This page is great, giving me the opportunity to know more about students in the Built Environmental faculty!! =)
I’m studying hard to see you guys next year 🙂

I’m hesitating in choosing between Landscape Architecture and Architectural Studies. What are their differences and similarities? Since I haven’t started taking any architectural course, I don’t know which I prefer. Any advice?
Thanks a lot!

25 09 2010

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for you all are sharing your experience. I would like to participate in this built environment family.

I will apply “Construction Management & Property” for this coming February. Can anyone tell me the intake of students each year?

Many thanks.


17 11 2010

Hello Bloggers,

We are currently seeking an Industrial Design Intern for a role starting ASAP until at least Feb 2011. We are a medical based company working on a range of highly innovative technologies in Sydney. Please contact me if you would like see a job spec and discuss any opportunities further.

Kind Regards,

24 11 2010
Niusha Fahandez

Dear Ben,

I have just completed my third year in industrial design, and i am very intrested in discussing this internship opportunity furthur with you, please get back to me at your earliest convinince.

Niusha Fahandez

24 11 2010

Please send me an email to and I shall forward you a job description.

Thanks for your interest

24 01 2011

hey guys

I am a 4th year interior design student,i wanted to know if u guys have any intresting research topics that i cud use for my 4th yr studies.It requires me to find a topic related to interior design to research it extensivley and come up with a design solution /presentation based on the research done.

13 02 2011
Julie Manning

Hi, My daughter is doing D&T HSC this year and wants to do Int. Arch. at UNSW. We are looking for a tutor for Autocad for Mac to help with her Major Design Project. We live in the Inner West, can anyone help?

28 03 2011

I’m currently in my 3rd year of Interior Architecture at UNSW (and loving it!) Just wondering if/how I could become a student blogger?
Cheers, Kim

30 03 2011

Hi Kim,

We would love to have you as a student blogger. Would you be able to email me at with any blogs you have written or are intending to write and we can chat a bit more about it.

Laura Todd
Digital Marketing Officer
UNSW Built Environment

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