Alumni Bloggers

Adam Long, BA Industrial Design


Ben Iverach, BA Construction Management & Property

My name is Ben Iverach and I’m 21 years old. I’m an easy going person and am always trying to have fun. When I’m not studying or working you will usually find me wakeboarding, having a skate or chilling/partying with mates. I also love to snowboard and play soccer.

Griffen Manan, BA Interior Architecture

Jeff Tsang, BA Interior Architecture

Quite honestly, I am not exactly sure why I picked the interior architecture, but I do know that I continue it now because it’s such an important aspect of everyone’s lives. It’s the part of the building with which inhabitants are constantly in contact and most personal. At the same time, I also believe in holistic design, so the interior must also work in harmony, or at least communicate, with the exterior, as well as all the other items within.

Laura Goh, BA Planning

Mark Roach, MA Architecture

I think Architecture can be an important medium for designers to improve the way people inhabit and experience the Built Environment. I have great admiration for both the architecture and architects of Australia and those overseas especially Glenn Murcutt, MVRD, Renzo Piano, and Toyo Ito.

Minu Lee, BA Architectural Studies

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13 07 2011

i am so happy and surprised while i found this blog….

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