UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Sascha Dal Santo

12 10 2009

This semester has really taught me how important it is to balance your time productively between process, production and most importantly the presentation of design. We are currently learning the software programs Rhino and Photoshop to explore the visual language of our products. It is time consuming and fiddly with so many different tools, however the final result is often mind blowing, rewarding, slick and exciting. This fast paced design rendering is a steep learning curve but has taught me a lot about how to apply different finishes i.e. metal chrome or a matt finish and make a 2D sketch ‘come to life’ in my designs.

Photoshop Rendered Camera

Photoshop Rendered Camera

As a result, expectations have increased. For our last studio project brief we had to design a product for 5 years into the future for a particular clientele. This involved concept development, a design process of scenario planning, market research and researching new and current trends to realise ideas. Initiated by my interest in wearable electronics I designed a flexible display screen as well as a blackberry/Ipod rechargeable docking server that seamlessly attaches to a larger handbag as part of the overall bag design. Detachable; the client could take the bag to meetings or use on the plane. At the end of the day the client had the option to leave this flap behind and carry the handbag onto evening activates after work. From this project I also learnt that designing objects and working with textiles can be quite difficult….

Photoshop Rendered Hairdryer

Photoshop Rendered Hairdryer

At the moment we are designing a product that will enrich the dining/eating experience and ritual of a chosen culture. I’m in the development process of designing a product for the great Aussie BBQ; specifically honing in on the B.Y.O side of the ritual for al fresco dinning. In our Useability design research project we designed an interface self-service outlet focusing on the following key elements:

  • Spatial such as sight lines and human reach and seating comfort.
  • Visual communication such as text, graphics, and audio to communicate information to the user

The project involved a design methodology and research approach, with comparative usability testing of interface designs with different users to understand their haptic senses and the way their eyes move across the screen. Pleasure-ability as well as functionality was fundamental in my “personalise your fragrance’ outlet to be located in beauty shops.

Text analysis diagram for 'Personalise your Frangrance' Outlet for beauty stores

Text analysis diagram for 'Personalise your Fragrance' Outlet for beauty stores

UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Melody Shiue

12 06 2009

Hi again, I thought I’d update you all on life this semester.
Despite the fact I’m not officially doing any 4th year core courses, I seem to be as busy as ever!
I have spent most of my spare time working on my Thesis research with my friend Ben (Mechatronic Engineer) and so far it’s been a lot of fun. Apart from this, I have found myself in the 2009 Scholarship Fundraiser Team which is providing great experience in communicating and negotiating with others – hopefully a valuable skill for later on in my career.
I have also re-done my math subject which I managed to fail horribly in my first semester. This was over 3 years ago, so remembering my yr 12 maths is proving difficult. Anybody who does choose to do Industrial Design (or any course for that matter) MAKE SURE you allocate enough time to maths first time round even though it might seem completely useless in relationship to your degree. You don’t want to have to re-do a subject like maths and there’s just no way around it!
On a brighter note, I have just completed a practical group project that looked at the ergonomic cockpit layout of the 2009 UNSW Redback Formula SAE racing car. We got to work closely with the Mechanical Engineering students involved with this 600cc open wheel custom built racer, which was very fun – check it out here

Finally, I thought I’d talk about the General Education subject I have been doing this semester. “GenEds” are a great part of uni that are usually undertaken after 2nd year; they allow us to choose from a huge range of subjects that aim to broaden our knowledge outside of our chosen degree. The one I chose this semester was called COFA0215: Society Through the Lens,  and was completed entirely online. I learnt how to take meaningful photographs of everyday things, but in a way that could provide good research based information – I have been able to apply these skills to improve my Thesis.
Whilst university life is busy, it’s a good kind of busy.

UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: UNSW Nissan Industrial Design Scholarship recipient, Hollie Baigent

4 05 2009

Hi there, my name is Hollie and I am in my second year studying Industrial Design. I’m currently designing a chicken coop for urban gardens and backyards. The coop is to be mass-produced and retailed as a flat pack. I am not only learning about design and materials, but also chickens and urban perm culture.

Two years into the course and I have already learnt so much about the principles of design, engineer software programs such as AutoCAD as well as Adobe Illustrator, product design drawing, material experimentation, ergonomics and using machinery in the Industrial Design workshop hub called the Squarehouse Design Lab.

The UNSW Bachelor of Industrial Design course expects you to think and design innovatively to improve design solutions for people and the environment in any product field. But most importantly I think this course is about passion. It’s a lot of work and long nights but at the end of the day, you have to love what you do and do your very best.

Soon I hope to learn more about material technology and how this can be manipulated for product solutions. But on an exciting note, I can’t wait to travel on exchange to experience design education at an international level. I am thinking of going to Italy, Sweden or Japan.

I studied Design and Technology throughout high school and enjoyed exploring my interests in design, materials, and creating things. All this came to fruition in my year 12 major design project, Pudzzle, which was exhibited in the 2007 NSW ‘DesignTECH’ exhibition in the Powerhouse Museum.

Puddzle is an ottoman that transforms into an armchair with adjustable legs and armrests. Concept design, development sketches, discovering inspiration, making endless prototypes, seeking out manufacturers and talking to a wide range of designers about the project – are aspects of the design process that made my year 12 challenges personally worthwhile and insightful.

On reflection, what I really took away from this project was an appreciation of my ability to create a beautiful product capable of manufacture for any home or person around the world. To see my ideas change and transform from sketches and randomly assorted materials to a real material product – this is what really captivated me to want to learn and become a product designer.

My success in this project, as well as other academic and extracurricular activities, helped me to be selected for the first UNSW Nissan Industrial Design Scholarship, the only one in NSW.

This scholarship offers me greater flexibility for course studies and paid work, covering HECS, material and software costs. But more importantly, it offers young designers the opportunity to build student relationships with one of the top leading car companies in the world.

So far the most exciting part of the scholarship was attending the 2008 NSW MotorShow as part of the Nissan Press Release and their concept car ‘Mixim’. I was able to talk to Nissan design directors and see the latest cars on the market.

Here are some of my most recent studio works – a specialised BBQ utensil for a client, an organic shaped plate and cutlery dish rack made of plywood and a Patterns drawing inspired by Escher.