UNSW Built Environment Landscape Architecture: Ali Gates

17 08 2009

Hey all! It’s Ali Gates again. So now we’re faced with our third year second semester design assignment in Landscape Architecture. We’re looking at the proposed Sydney metro train line that is to run from Central to Roselle. We’ve been given a lot of freedom in this design studio. Our task is to pick one of the proposed stations and come up with our own brief and meet it. I’ve decided I will focus on Central Station. As this station is already huge and confusing enough, I will try and make the metro line link easily accessible and visible. Also I’d like to link Pitt Street with the station better as at the moment I feel the station has turned its back on Pitt Street and it feels like a bit of a dead space.

What’s cool about this semester’s design studio is that we’re going to be working with students from other courses as well. I believe there are a class of Architects, Interior Architects and, I think, Industrial Designers looking at the Metro line at well. I think this will be a great experience to see the project through their eyes when we get to see what they’re doing.
Sydney trains
So far we have been looking at other stations on the Sydney rail system as precedents. At the moment I’m half way through a one of these precedent studies. This assignment required us to take a trip on a train anywhere we liked, and then we were required to express our experience on the trip in any form we chose. I decided to go on the train line from Epping to Chatswood. I had never been on this line before but I found if very efficient. I went on a Sunday and was surprised to find that it ran every 15 minutes- on a Sunday! I wish all the trains ran that often! However there were not many people using the trains- I had a carriage all to myself. This and the fact that it’s all underground made the whole experience feel very mechanical as I was devoid of all human contact. Anyway this is the painting I decided to do to reflect my journey. It’s not finished yet but I’m pretty happy with it so far. This assignment is a bit abstract but it’s nice to have a break from the usual.




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