UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Daniel Sutherland

21 09 2009

Well the year is quickly coming to an end and things are wrapping up well!

I’ve found that I have been kept very busy this semester by work other than that related directly to my degree. I suppose this can be the case for a lot of 4th year students that have found work within industry (all be it loosely within industry in my case haha.)

My subjects have in many ways backed up the work I’m doing outside of UNSW, rather than being the focus of my time.  I’m working at a graphic design company dealing with custom made jewellery batch production and I just so happen to be doing a graphics and jewellery course. Being able to apply what we learn in class to real life paid situations is proving very useful. Getting work placement early in your degree can be very helpful and I can’t stress the importance of getting industry experience during your degree enough.

To all Industrial Design students at UNSW: Industry Experience work is not compulsory within the course anymore and nor is it suggested strongly enough by lecturers.. I’ve learnt as much at work as I have in class BUT keep in mind, it will negatively affect your marks if trying to do uni full time. Personally, going part time and working has not affected my marks, only it added an extra year onto my degree….! Check out the UNSW online job database for some good opportunities if your thinking of finding work, but be prepared to be patient.

My thesis research is in full swing also, next year I’ll be spending most of my time on developing this project and I’ll get to show all the interesting visual stuff then.

Enjoy the 4 month holiday..oh and sweet, no exams for me!




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