UNSW Built Environment Construction Management & Property: John Ha

18 09 2009

Well, I’ll be… has it been half the semester already?
Well time flies when you have fun…

The semester has been unbelievable! I have been on top of my assessments and required work yet still been able to juggle time with my other commitments into my Korean Community and local church.

With only 2 days of official lectures… the only stress during the remaining time has been what to do?!

But for me, Project X3, my elective course, has been a major but very interesting and fun commitment, with both first aid and 2 years of construction skills under my belt, my services have been invaluable!  With nearly 3 days of committed work a week, (P.S. which I can get along just fine without hampering too much for my other assessments!) Project X3 is well on the way to be constructed right after the November Exam period.

Project X3 - Fowler's Gap

Project X3 - Fowler's Gap

Project X3 - Installing Centre Rafter

Project X3 - Installing Centre Rafter

As for my other courses, Social Responsibility and Professional Ethics really opened my mind on the complex natures of construction affecting not just the local community but the whole nature of where we live.  Risk Management is specifically studying the risks associated in a construction project while at the same time trying to find opportunities that can be identified at the same time. Really brings the ‘opportunitist’ out of me as I study this subject, might be handy in the near future. Construction Techniques is a breeze… with methods and available construction services being studied for very large and very specific projects like water based, islands, deserts and heavily urban environments.

And the assessments are easy to understand and follow: using both our initiative and knowledge in to expand study and research the construction industry itself.

I have never looked back from my decision in Construction Management, and I will always look for the silver lining now in every cloud, cause, what you learn you can use beyond work.




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