UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Sascha Dal Santo

18 06 2009

Hi again!

This session just flew by – only seems like yesterday when I was writing my first blog!

This session was very full-on though; but it kept all us 3rd year Industrial Design kids busy, busy, busy!

Our studio class was primarily focused on environmentally sustainable design – we were assigned 4 projects overall which were based on this. One in particular allowed us to focus on designing solutions for the Millennium Development goals; designs that all worked in some manner to assist in reducing the world’s poverty rate. The project was really interesting, as it allowed us to think outside the square and consider designing for communities to which we don’t always focus on.

Another project we did focused on designing projects for community groups – either colleges or childcare centers – associated to UNSW, which would encourage sustainable behaviour within these communities. This was a really fun and interesting project too. I ended up designing a system of products that would enable and encourage group washing, as to reduce water consumption, time and energy.

We did a lot of group work within our marketing subjects: Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour. Marketing Research was really insightful as we got to undertake fieldwork for an actual company and assist with the collection of information for the launch of their new product.  The company was Candy Brokers, and the new product was for their Florida’s Natural Impulse Snack Product. Candy Brokers is an importer and distributor of confectionary food products — Sydney based company.

They were introducing the new product for health conscious female customers — where we assisted in undertaking field work such as interviews, observations, focus groups etc. to gain as much information from the market as possible, and their insights into the new product.

Our Materials and Technology Workshop allowed us to gain further insight into CAD design and the drawing of tooling associated to different processes used within manufacturing and production.

Overall, despite how busy this session was – yet how quickly it went! – we all gained a great understanding of a wide range of different issues and topics within industrial design itself and also areas such as marketing.




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