UNSW Built Environment Construction Management & Property: Ben Iverach

16 06 2009

Hey all!

It has been a great year at Uni so far with enjoyable subjects and plenty of events and activities on campus. Work has also been quite eventful for me this year as the project which I was working on, as mentioned in my first blog, was completed in May.

The project was a new commercial office which was built as the head office for ALDI Supermarkets. The construction of the building was quite interesting and featured post tensioned concrete slabs, Aluminum composite façade, Sensor Automated External Blinds through to a very high quality office, kitchen and storeroom fit outs. The project was an extension of the existing office which meant the new building was actually built to attach to the existing building. The project duration extended from April 2008 through to May 2009. Working on such a project from start to finish provided a great insight into the construction industry and the type of work which is involved on such a job. I have attached a few photos of the project to give you an idea of what was involved. The photos show the excavation and foundations of the building through to the finished product.

I strongly recommend students try to find course-relevant work whilst studying. The benefit of learning on the job provides excellent assistance with your course through additional knowledge and understanding. Again, this is a great aspect of the Construction Management and Property Course here at UNSW as there is great flexibility in the timetable to allow you to work consistently in the industry whilst maintaining your studies.

I, along with my collegues, have been spending time this year continuing to develop the Construction and Property Society (CAPS) here at UNSW for the students. This has been a great experience and also a great success. We recently held our meet-and-greet night and many well known and well respected construction and property companies and institutions attended.   Students who attended learned about work opportunities and gained further insight into the industry.  Visit our Facebook page, and keep an eye out for us on campus. If you see us holding an event, come on over and say hello.

Well guys, this is just a brief insight into the differnet things I have been working on during the year and a bit about how life is going whilst studying and spending time at UNSW.

Take care!




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