UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Sascha Dal Santo

29 10 2009

Hi again everyone!

Second semester was really great – I really enjoyed all of the projects we undertook in our main studio class.

As I stated in my last blog post, we all took part in the Cormack Packaging Innovation Awards, which was a really good opportunity for us all as students to not only enter a competition, but to get our work out and shown to industry members and professionals.

I looked at redesigning the packaging for birdseed, which focused primarily on an single injection-moulded closure that allows for double quantity dispensing of the birdseed product.

A few other students in my class were also nominated for the awards, which was very exciting!

Packaging Award

Submission for the Cormack Packaging Innovation Awards

The second project that we undertook was a collaboration project based on the proposed Sydney Metro project, in which we focused on the seating for both the train stations and also the platforms.

Final Design Proposal for Sydney Metro Project

Final Design Proposal for Sydney Metro Project

I primarily focused on seating for the concourse/mezzanine levels of the stations, as well as the outdoor ‘station square’ areas.  My final design was based on the concept of social interaction seating, aiming to enhance the notion of the metro stations as being a meeting place for people/commuters/visitors.

Final Design Proposal for Sydney Metro Project

Final Design Proposal for Sydney Metro Project

I’ve also been undertaking a research project with lecturer Russell Rodrigo, which has been based on the topic area of ‘Design Through Research’. I’ve found this to be a really interesting topic area, as it relates very much to the Industrial Design degree, where research is a very important issue and stage to be undertaken within the development of any product.

I was also awarded the 2009 Australian Institute of Packaging Scholarship for the Certificate of Packaging, which is really exciting!

So overall, this session has been really full on, but at the same time I’ve really enjoyed all of my subjects!

Can only hope that despite the assumed work load and pressure that 4th year brings, that it will be just as good!




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