UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Adam Long

24 09 2009

Well semester is really kicking off. I can’t write about my current projects because I will be looking at patents and design registration… which means I have to keep the ideas secret for now! In the meantime, please enjoy the two attached pictures from my jewellery class, GEND4209: Working with Jewellery
One is a concept for a monocle with an eyebrow, which raises inquisitively every so often. The idea is that the world is so amazing and complex we should all be constantly surprised, but aren’t. The monocle is a humourous way to remind us to be surprised.



The other concept is based on Hermes, the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. Hermes had a pair of winged shoes, which allowed him to deliver the whims and decrees of the gods (you may also know of Icarus who stole his shoes, flew too close to the sun and subsequently died). This shoe clip, in the modern context, is a reference to how we get all our messages delivered over the air as well… sms and iPhone of course.

Shoe clip

Shoe clip




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16 05 2010
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