UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Melody Shiue

15 06 2009

Industrial Design Studio 3A

Ecotopia is a vertical herb garden that is an integrated development of a worm farm and hydroponic system to competently reduce convenience barriers and simultaneously improve environmental and personal well-being.

The resulting design outcome is a manifestation of sustainability in the sense that Ecotopia consumes no electrical energy, whilst collecting and recycling natural resources as well as organic waste.

Other benefits include: low maintenance, avoidance of weeds and pests, higher yield of fresh homemade culinary herbs.

Check out more of my work here: http://melodyconcept.blogspot.com/




4 responses

15 06 2009

well done melody!! always proud of you with your talent!! keep it up and your truely the best designer in my heart =D

15 06 2009
Elaine Lin

This is brilliant!

15 06 2009

Too good!!! tat’s all i can say haha so healthy

15 06 2009

Not bad, keep up the good work Mel !!

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