UNSW Built Environment Alumni: Industrial Design Graduate Anton Grimes

25 05 2009

“Model -making offers a depth of detail that can’t be achieved through any other form of communication:”

Anton is a 2009 finalist in the Australian Design Awards (James Dyson Award)

Movement is crucial to our lives, however current methods of transportation are limited in the way they can be used and have a clear, negative impact on the environment.  With a rising population and population density, there is an increasing demand on an already limited infrastructure.

The Link scooter system is designed as a modular transport solution that can be retro-fitted to existing Streetscape Smart Poles.

Link operated by housing share-scooters in a series of hubs.  The hubs act as both a charging station and as the hire and return station for the scooters.  This system gives the user independent movement at any time.

The scooters and hubs are constructed from a series of robust aluminium castings and pressings.  These parts house polycarbonate and ABS mouldings, which form the physical interface, including the scooter release and power indicator.

Each scooter is fitted with NiMH rechargeable batteries and a 24 V electric motor, which assists the user when traveling between hubs.

The system works as a public hire and share network similar to those in other countries, such as Velib in France.

UNSW Built Environment Alumni: $10,000 Lindsay Robertson Award for Built Environment alumni

22 04 2009

UNSW landscape architecture alumni have a unique opportunity to do postgraduate study or their own project — anywhere in the world

Built Environment alumni with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture are now able to apply for a new $10 000 Award.   The Lindsay Robertson Memorial Award has been set up to encourage alumni to do postgraduate study in landscape architecture (or any related fields such as urban design or planning) or their own landscape architecture study project — anywhere in the world.

The $10,000 Lindsay Robertson Memorial Award award is available only to UNSW graduates in landscape architecture (within 15 years) and applications close on 31 May 2009. It will be awarded in 2010 and then biannually.

Lindsay Robertson graduated from UNSW in Architecture gaining a scholarship to attend the University of Pennsylvania. He was the first landscape architect appointed to the NSW State Planning Authority. He made a lasting contribution to landscape planning by introducing environmental and ecological considerations.  Following his death in 1974 at 38, the Lindsay Robertson Memorial Trust was established through the efforts of his close colleagues. UNSW Built Environment also gratefully acknowledges Lindsay’s colleague and UNSW alumnus, Rodger Bartlett, who in 2008 enabled the Award to be increased in value and offered biannually, in perpetuity.

More information and an application form is available from the UNSW Built Environment’s Postgraduate Scholarships website.