UNSW Built Environment BCMP: Susan Irvine

19 05 2011

Hey all,

It’s a crazy thought that the semester is already halfway through. The summer break went really quickly! I spent my summer at home working, spending time with friends and at the beach. This semester I am doing the following subjects;

–          Scheduling Techniques in the Construction Industry (Scheduling)

–          Occupation Health and Safety (OHS)

–          Risk Management (RM)

–          Value Management and Feasibility (VMF)

Scheduling and OHS are my 2 core subjects, which I do with the rest of my year. I am really enjoying scheduling, as I believe this subject has lots of practical implications and I will use it in my future career. The major assignment for this project is to utilise MS Project (a scheduling program) to create a program to construct a 4 storey apartment block. This assignment has really made us think as we have to work out what activities can occur at the same time, along with utilising a new computer program.  OHS is a really important subject, which is going through the fundamentals of safety, on site but also in business.

RM and VMF are my electives for the semester. RM is a really interesting subject, which analyses all the possible risks and opportunities that can occur during a project and assesses if the risk is worth taking. In this subject we have a guest lecturer every week, they are usually senior people from the construction industry. It is fantastic to hear the different perspectives, methods and projects they have worked on. RM also integrates psychology as well, as it is important to understand how people think and how they would perceive the risks and opportunities. VMF is similar to RM and they complement each other really well. VMF is based on analysing the project during the design or construction phase and trying to improve its function through time, cost and quality. For this subject we have to do a case study on a project that utilised Value Management and see how it improved the project.

With the exams just around the corner it’s time to knuckle down and start studying. Next semester I am participating in UNSW global exchange program. I will be studying at the University of Leeds for a semester, which I am really looking forward to. I will be doing 4 of my subjects over there, along with the opportunity to experience a new education system, culture, society and a chance to travel and meet people.

That’s all from me.





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