UNSW Built Enviroment: Classroom of 2025 internship

10 03 2011

Two UNSW Built Environment architecture students have come together this summer to tackle the challenges facing educationalists today, and how to plan for and design classrooms of the future.

Students Daina Labutis and Tiffany Liew have teamed up with Stephanie Brancatisano from the University of Sydney in ‘The Classroom of 2025’ project, as part of architectural firm NBRS+ Partners ENVISION internship program.

The Classroom of 2025 project is a comprehensive exploration of the rapidly evolving trends in pedagogy and technology in education. The student’s research identifies the contemporary issues and evolving trends in school environments and defines the elements of flexible and adaptable classroom design. The final phase of the project will be to propose and range progressive design solutions that support emerging learning models fit for 21st century which will be published.

The internship is described by NBRS+Partners as “an innovative approach in fostering student development involving three university students in the dynamic life of an architectural firm, providing insights into multiple stages of architectural design projects.”

“Just as our education research advocates learning by doing, the experiences we have had being immersed in a vibrant office environment are so valuable,” says Daina Labutis, UNSW Architecture student.

Click here for more information on NBRS+Partners design practice and their upcoming projects.




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