UNSW Built Evironment: Nissan Australia Industrial Design Scholarship

18 01 2011

Nissan has recently donated a $5000 annual scholarship to be awarded to a UNSW Bachelor of Industrial Design student.  

The UNSW Foundation spoke to Jeffrey Fisher, Head of Corporate Communications at Nissan in a recent interview on why Nissan chose to provide financial support to the UNSW Built Environment –

Jeffrey Fisher, Head of Corporate Communications at Nissan

 Article Source: Giving to University of New South Wales, 2008-2010

Writers: Anabel Dean and Theodora Thunder

Nissan’s involvement in the education sector has helped to secure the future for tomorrow’s young designers by providing financial support through The Nissan Australia Industrial Design Scholarship at UNSW.

The scholarship (valued at $5000 annually) is intended to encourage exceptional students to undertake undergraduate coursework in a Bachelor of Industrial Design at the Faculty of the Built Environment.

“Built Environment focuses on the design, construction and management of a valued and sustainable world,” explains Professor Alec Tzannes Dean, Faculty of the Built Environment. “Partnerships with industry are critical for the Faculty’s continued success in the increasingly important role of our graduates in industrial design and the advancement of the built environment professions.”

Nissan’s investment in the next generation of industrial designers in integral to its plan for global growth and the company makes no bones about its objective to entice the most capable design students to a career in the automotive industry.

“Good design is one of our pillars and it’s an area of expertise for which we are world-renowned,” clarifies Jeffrey Fisher, head of Corporate Communications at Nissan. “It’s an important part of how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.”

Nissan identified three universities – UNSW, Monash and Queensland – in its quest to identify promising design students with an orientation towards the motor industry. “Ultimately, we liked the look of the Faculty of the Built Environment at UNSW and we knew that our largesse would be well managed.”

The inaugural winner of Nissan’s scholarship in 2008, Hollie Baigent, has “proved to be a very worthy recipient”. Although Hollie’s future is not yet determined, automotive design is an attractive prospect for budding design students, many of whom end up working for major automotive corporations in key areas. There is still the frontier of electric vehicle development to be fully explored.

Nissan is considering other ways to express its partnership with UNSW. Jeffrey hopes that it may be possible in the future, to arrange study time at one of its eight international design studios for hands-on practical experience in a global setting.

A good corporate citizen recognises the need to be socially responsible and Professor Tzannes appreciates Nissan’s commitment to the faculty’s Industrial Design students and future alumni.

Please visit our website for more information on scholarships and awards offered by the Built Environment.




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22 01 2011

sounds like a great corporate initiative.

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