UNSW Built Environment: Interior Architecture Graduation Exhibition, Samantha Ellinson

1 12 2010

Ornament – 16 November, 5-9 Roslyn St, Potts Point

Full Haus 

The ‘Ornament’ themed Interior Architects Graduate exhibition for 2010 certainly lived up to its name.  Held at what has come to be known as Potts Point’s award winning ‘Barcelona’ building designed by Durback Bloch at 5-9 Roslyn Street,  the exhibition claimed three levels of bar, restaurant and rooftop – leaving not an empty space in sight.  Each year the Interior Architect graduates celebrate the completion of their degree by showcasing their design project- a year long research based project, each with their own bespoke site, client and brief.

The Barcelona buildings’ distinct curved glazed facade gave an impressive vision to passers by, and allowed the excited atmosphere to appear to spill into the streets, quite literally by the end of the night.  Most importantly the work on show was an asset to the space.  The sophisticated and professional student projects drew a crowd to match; and the positive buzz from the design industry that gathered in numbers made the night a successful closing to a rigorous, industry leading degree. The student work proved they have the skills, the intent and the passion to take on the challenges of the industry.

And finally, a Burj Khalifa sized thank you to all the staff from the Faculty of the Built Environment Interior Architecture Program, for giving not only endless energy and encouragement- but most importantly access- to first class design skills.

Samantha Ellinson




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