UNSW Built Environment: Industrial Design student wins James Dyson Award

6 10 2010

Sam Adeloju, UNSW BE Industrial Design student, was just announced as the winner of the $16,000 James Dyson Award for the design of a device that could save swimmers from drowning. Sam’s design, named Longreach, with the unofficial name “Buoyancy Bazooka”, shoots an emergency flotation device 150m out to sea. Made from hydrophobic foam, the buoy can expand up to 40 times its size on contact with water so the swimmer can stay afloat without the risk the buoy will spring a leak. The device is also equipped with flares for night time.

Sam is the first Australian to win the award in five years, and is in talks with Surf Life Saving Australia about conducting field trials. Winning this prize will give the Longreach international exposure.

Sam will recieve $16 000 in prize money, and a trip to the Dyson laboratories in Britain. UNSW will also receive $16,000 for Sam’s fantastic achievement.

For a full article on Sam’s achievement, click here.




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