UNSW Built Environment Event: Utzon 2010 Lecture Series

14 09 2010

Tomorrow night is the next installment in the UNSW Utzon Lecture Series “Recent Parks, Sydney’s Great Design Strengths”. Click here to register!

The presentation will focus on 3 scales – The Metro, The Regional, and the Local.

A presentation of contemporary parks and public space projects will be used as the thread which links these scales and describes why they are fundamental to achieving a public domain which provides social, cultural, economic and environmental nourishment to the city. The Speakers will cover the following areas.

Sacha Coles- Intro and Chair – Transformative projects. Setting the scene through Sydney’s recent projects

Speaker 1 – Linda Corkery – Open space at the metro scale.

Linda will present on Metro Parks as the Green infrastructure of the city. Her talk will cover the social imperatives of ensuring public access to healthy environments and how the aesthetic and visual qualities of these parks and places give shape to the surrounding urban form.

Speaker 2 – Adrian McGregor – The Waterfront Transformation.

Adrian’s presentation will look at how the translocation of fossil fuel land uses on the city waterfront have lead to the remediation of post industrial sites for community recreation and environmental restoration. Adrian’s talk will look in detail at two of McGregor Coxall’s recent projects in Sydney.

Speaker 3 – Jane Irwin – The Local.

Jane will present on the value of the local network of parks and spaces that provide social spaces and opportunities for enriching life in the city. Jane will focus on recent public projects from her office from Auburn to Camperdown.




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16 09 2010

Is anyone speaking against the motion?

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