UNSW Built Environment Interior Architecture: Emily Cheung

9 09 2010

Hello again!

The only thing I could complain about my Winter Holiday is not exactly having a break. I worked full time at Cyberlab Design in the Interiors team with other UNSW Interior Architecture graduates. However, I could never complain about the experience I’ve gained and how amazing it is to earn a living by using your creativity and imagination. Having been able to actually understand how projects are developed and lodged, from the very first sketches to construction is not something that can be studied at uni. This semester has been jam packed more than ever. I’m being a little lazy and am only studying 3 core subjects this semester as I want continue my ‘student interior designer’ position with the firm. I am completing my last Technology subject and am excited to learn how to document Lighting and Acoustic systems. Lighting and Acoustics may seem like a standard process that is inserted into a design scheme during its last stages. Having studied 6 weeks of Technology 4, I have learnt how lighting and acoustics can complement and drive design or even be the basis of a concept. Implementing these skills into Studio has improved my design scheme. This semester we’re working on a project where we were given a empty concrete silo to design accommodation for as many students as possible. I am looking forward to see what I will come up with and hopefully love my design as this is my most challenging project yet.




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