UNSW Built Environment Landscape Architecture: Ali Gates

29 07 2010

Semester 1 2010 is now in the past. This Semester tested us further then all others. Not only were we working in groups, which brings its advantages and challenges, but our site was at a larger scale then we have worked with before and was largely inaccessible being in Canberra – a bit too far away to be able to go back and check things.  Only one dedicated group managed to return for a second site visit.

Our originally light rail-driven-design developed further in the last few weeks of design. The high density development remained anchored by the light rail but became organised, in an abstract way, by the green corridors that run throughout, connecting the surrounding and existing open spaces. Out master plan shows how these ideas were implemented. These open spaces were to represent the different degrees or nature from the wilderness to man made in relationship to the surrounding areas. We zoomed in on two parts of the green corridors to look at in more detail. This allowed us to get back into a scale we were comfortable with. This is an example of one of our zoomed in parts.


I’m glad to say that all the groups made it through with no friendships lost, which we hear has happened other years. And our professor put this down to our ‘lovely class spirit’. Working in a group of four took some pressure off as we had four times the power to get the work done. Our group ended up almost living together at one of our houses towards the end in order to get the work done. We survived the late nights and long days by listening to music and episodes of Arrested Development.

We presented our work as a group, each talking about the aspects of the design we felt we knew best. We were happy with how it went on the day but mostly relieved it was all over!

Precinct Plan

Until next time! The final chapter- semester 2 2010.




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