UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Daniel Sutherland

22 07 2010


Hi Everybody,

I just finished my second last semester of Uni..8/10 already completed so definitely hoping these last few go quickly and painlessly. While many say that your final year at Uni is the hardest, honestly I think that it’s all relative – the work is harder for sure.. but you’ve gained the skills to deal with it just as in every year previously – so don’t stress!

I have found though, that working part-time is almost impossible in this final year and pretty much pointless, as you just won’t be able to commit to the kind of hours you might have in previous years. You should also be able to enjoy this “senior year”, both in the work your doing and the things happening outside of this – uni years could be some of the best years. Despite this, we do need money and especially in the final semester of 4th year IDES, as major project costs between $1000 – $4000 out of your own pocket (not covered by fees) – depending on your specific project.

SO.. if money looks like being an issue for you then save hard during the summer / winter breaks, hit up the government before they hit you up for their HECS Debt (get on Youth Allowance if your full-time and qualify or Newstart if your over 21 and are doing less than 18 units), get a loan from your parents, resort to thievery & stripping OR complete your final year part-time while working (as I have done to an extent, but still find little to no time to work).

ALSO: try to choose a project topic that won’t end up needing a large and complex model (mine will be smaller than a tennis ball – which should keep my costs below about $1200 I figure). I chose the topic area of digital communicative products (mainly portable) and associated trends within communication – most of the products here are smaller than a laptop, hence it’s likely my final design will be as well.

Shown here are some eg’s of the projects I’ve done this semester. Most were for actual competitions, of which I got short-listed for the Reece Bathroom comp. ($10k on offer for 1st prize) and got to present the Dynamo product to some Colgate-Palmolive project managers at their HQ office in the city (where I got a bag of toothpaste, laundry detergent and what not – sweeeet).

Reece Bathroom

Dynamo Packaging

Point here is: pressure your lecturers into giving you more actual competition briefs earlier in the degree or at least work extra hard when you do get given one (like the Southern Cross Packaging comp. in 2nd yr) – getting short-listed really isn’t hard and looks great on your resume; sadly, I don’t think any employer in the industry cares about the subjective marks that our lecturers allocate when others present a slick portfolio, copies of magazines or websites their work appeared in, and certificates from large corporations acknowledging the quality of this work.

More visual stuff on my major project next semester, as semester one of project deals mainly with research and text.


Mini Vac




2 responses

9 08 2010
Radhika Seth


My name is Radhika Seth and I am the Executive Assistant at Yanko Design. We are a web magazine devoted to modern design that reaches over 10,00,000+ unique users, viewing 3.5 million pageviews each month with 38,000+ total daily newsletter subscribers making it the world’s most popular & influential online design magazine; the only design site on the list of Technorati.com’s top 100 most read blogs on the internet, currently ranked at 80 (out of 75,000,000+ blogs).

Will it be possible to receive high-res images (in jpeg or similar) and text info for the Bathroom Innovation Awards Entry so that I can make a post on it for

Can you also tell me which year was the project completed?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

10 08 2010

Hi Radhika,

I will forward your request to the student whose images you have would like to post

Stay tuned!!

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