UNSW Built Environment Exhibition: CH4 at Sydney Architecture Week 2010

12 07 2010

After months of design and testing, students are going into construction for CH4.

The CH4 competition is a design workshop co-ordinated by UNSW Built Environment.  The purpose of the design workshop is to design and construct of re-useable pavilion for Sydney Architecture Week 2010.

Held at the historic Customs House, Circular Quay, the Sydney Architecture Week is a joint venture between the Australian Architecture Association, Australian Institute of Architects, and the NSW Architects Registration Board. Last year, 4,500 people attended this prominent event.

The design of the pavilion is constructed of cardboard tubes framed by plywood sheets.  This interactive structure explores ideas of views and perspective as it is splayed within its plywood frame so that as you walk through the pavilion, an awareness of the interior and exterior is experienced.

Over the past week, students have been inducted into the DesignLab workshop and Tramsheds for construction.  We have been fortunate to have been sponsored by Royal Plywood who has provided us sheets of plywood and discounted cardboards from Cardboard Tubes Pty Ltd.  In addition, Kirrawee Kitchens have been assisting us in the cutting of plywood sheets to hasten our construction process.

We’ve now completed one test module. For the next fortnight, CH4 will be constructing the modules in the Randwick Tramsheds.  Stay tuned to see our progress! Only 2000 more cardboard tubes to go!




4 responses

12 07 2010

Fantastic idea! Are there any design requirements for this project? How long will it take to construct?

15 07 2010

It was a pretty open brief where students were required to consider materials to be reused. The main issues were to consider material, logistical constraints (I.e buildability, safety) and site restrictions.

It’s been a pretty interesting and different experience of design, redesign and construction. We’re in our second week of construction and we are still constructing. We are most probably going to be constructing for another week an then resolving lighting issues to add to the design.

So lots more in store for the CH4 team! Check back soon for updated photos =]

15 07 2010
pip marston

hi Eli!

we are hopeing to finish within the next week or so! our requirements focused on the structure being re-cyclable – both i its materials and its ‘after life’.

stay tuned and thanks for your interest!

Pip marston
CH4 team

15 07 2010
Lewis Miles

Thanks Eli, I guess the only real requirement stipulated in the brief was the usage/incorporation of recycled material in the design. We initially responded to this with a pavilion constructed entirely of recycled cardboard tubes (like those you might find at the core of rolls of paper etc) however this went out the window when we realised the sheer quantity required and so tubes with a larger diameter were milled for us – we still want to recycle the structure once its life at Sydney Architecture Festival is over though so all hope isn’t lost just yet!

We gave ourselves 2 weeks for construction which is now pushing to three. A challenge is keeping the structure in designed modules until September (when the festival begins) where we have only 24 hours to assemble on site at Custom’s House forecourt – alot of thought was put in to its modular design and ease/efficiency of construction, with a final system incorporating CNC routed plywood frames and simple (yet sturdy) cable ties joining each module horizontally and vertically.

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