UNSW Built Environment Construction Management & Property: Susie Irvine

9 06 2010

I just can’t believe how quickly this semester has gone. Just after a couple of weeks of lectures we hit our mid-semester break over Easter and now we are basically at the end of the semester. As usual at the end there is a rush of assignments due, while trying to start preparing for the final exams. The work load over the semester has been pretty consistent since Easter with basically an exam or assignment every week.

I have really enjoyed all of my subjects and have gained valuable skills and knowledge which I believe will assist me in my career. I have found Building Services the most fascinating subject. I never realised how complicated all of the plumbing and sewerage systems are for buildings and how many components are required in the systems. Estimating and Bidding for Construction Projects has been more of a black and white subject. It’s still interesting, but its maths orientated, so for the majority of the lecture we are working/estimating out how much materials, labour, plant ect. costs for different buildings.

Construction Law I have found the most challenging subject this semester. This subject is very different to all of the other ones I have done, as it is more complex with content and terminology. It has been helpful in lectures hearing about different cases that fall into the categories we are learning about as the examples assist with understanding the topic. The major assignment for this subject is in group’s research 2 cases in the same topic with a report and oral presentation. I have really enjoyed this assignment as it has further assisted me in understanding the complexities of law for the construction industry.

It has been interesting in Industrial Building Construction to see how differently they construct these types of buildings. They use time and cost effective systems for the structure so that it can be easily mass produced. The highlight of this subject so far has been going on a site visit, to an industrial site in Alexandria. This building was about ¾ finished, but it was excellent being able to see all of the materials and systems we had learnt about in class.

During the holidays I am hoping to do some work experience for a construction company. This will provide me with some extremely valuable experience, along with additional skills and knowledge of the industry. Other than that it will be a pretty quite holiday at home catching up with friends.

Talk soon.




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9 06 2010


Does the degree offer any planning related subjects? I studied Bachelor of Planning at UNSW a few years ago and I’m just curious to know because we did not learn anything about construction management.

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