UNSW Built Environment Event: More from 2009 Awards Night

21 05 2010

Here are some more photos from our annual award night.  Thanks again to all the donors who attended!

Isaac Williams (ArchStudies) received the Morton Herman Memorial Prize from Philip Graus

Sisi Wang (ArchStudies) received the Belinda Brito Prize for Creativity and Passion in Design from Ben Hewett

Fei Fei Feng (ArchStudies) received the Castle Mountain Prize from Peter Graham

Anna Field (ArchStudies)received the Margot and Neville Gruzman Award for Urban Design in Architecture from Peter Graham

Laura Ansell (ArchStudies) received the L Peter Kollar Memorial Prize from Harry Stephans

Cameron Foster (ArchStudies) received The Eckersleys Prize in Architectural Communications from Ann Quinlan

Simon Rischmiller (CM&P) received The Australian Institute of Building Chapter Medal from Patrick Zou

Li Lau (CM&P) received The Head of Program Prize from Patrick Zou

Chirstopher Haylock (CM&P) received the Program Director's Prize from Patrick Zou

Geoff Duggan (LArch) received The Lindsay Robertson Memorial Prize from Graham Fletcher

Matthew Ritson (LArch) received The Tract Consultants Portfolio Prize from Matthew Easton

Matt Coogan (LArch) received The Harry Howard Prize in Landscape Architecture from Barbara Buchanan

Julie Trinh (LArch) received Landscape Architecture Australia prize for design communication from Graham Fletcher

Matthew Ritson received the Dean's Award from Professor Alec Tzannes




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