UNSW Built Environment Landscape Architecture: Riley Field

20 05 2010

Hi all…

The second half of the semester has become slightly more intense and I’m finding I’m not so much sleeping like a baby anymore. Design studio has really bumped up a notch.  It is one thing to analyze existing site conditions as we did for the first part, now using this information to inform design process is something slightly trickier. I think group work is a great experience and really does test people. It can become very interesting at times, especially in design where it is so individual and opinionative. Nether the less it’s all about preparation for non uni life. Some amazing work has been produced, as we reach the final stages of the design process you can see different group ideals coming through strongly in their work. It is evident that every group has a different spin on what has been initially proposed.

I think everyone is looking forward to the break, hopefully it will give me some time to write a significant chunk of my thesis. After the break we have our trivia night which will raise funds for our graduation exhibition. I urge you all to get involved, would be a good chance to mix with the other years and a number of professionals from the industry. Look out for the invites!

Attached are a few pics from studio, which shows a few good looking Landscape Architect students deep in thought a week before the interim review. Good times…




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