UNSW Built Environment Landscape Architecture: Riley Field

27 04 2010

Hey everyone.

My names Riley, I’m currently in my last year of the Landscape Architecture degree. I suppose for all the young ens coming up through the ranks everyone has warned you of how tough it gets. I won’t lie, it does get pretty tough but at the same time it isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Yes, I am sleeping, like a baby. Then again I guess I’m more relaxed about it than some others. Not to mention any names…Ali.

The last four weeks have been actually really interesting. We had a field trip in our second week down to the nations capital. Professor  James Weirick’s lectures were truly inspiring to say the least, and I never realised the complexity underpinning the design of Canberra. We worked hard throughout the day, spotting kangaroos, breaking down barriers and tress passing into various sites followed by class bonding sessions at night in the lovely Canberra Motor Inn.

We returned, some with a greater knowledge and appreciation of Canberra and the Griffen legacy, others with a headache but some great memories. We are now putting our knowledge and our own critical thinking to the test. The class is  working as a whole to cover the vast amount of information needed to design a master plan. Every group is researching a different topic to combine what is a mass bundle of information. Together we are covering every base. Everyone depends on each other which is great to see and makes 4th year a whole lot easier.

At the moment I’m thoroughly enjoying forth year and look forward to the challenges to come, for the mean time anyway.




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