UNSW Built Environment Architectural Studies: Derek Georgeson

19 04 2010

Wow, another summer come and gone. Every year I get up to more and more so the days go faster and faster, so that when I get back to uni life just seems to slow down completely when the lecturer tells you when your first assessment is due.

Over summer I got a job with an architecture firm. I did some work experience one or two days a week for the second semester last year, and was pretty happy just hanging around the office helping out with this and that, but then they gave me a call on my holidays and said they needed a hand with a presentation and that they would pay me to work full time for them. It wasn’t expected, but a wonderful surprise. So a few weeks of my uni holidays I was a 9-5 kinda guy but that was cool because my boss was really helpful, talking me through anything that I didn’t know how to do, and keeping me on my toes by giving me a chance to try things myself first.

Now I’m back at uni and get to look forward to design studios and history. Architectural History and Theory is actually really interesting because right now we’re looking at buildings in Sydney and the historical backgrounds which made them what they are. Its wonderful because I can now walk around the city and look at buildings that I previously didn’t even notice and now I see them and actually look at the little details that make them what they are.

The design studio so far is a precedent analysis. It might sound kind of dull but its really useful and interesting. Trying to work out what the original ideas behind a building were feels a little abstract, but once you’re in the mindset it makes sense. All architecture had an original idea behind it, there was some thought process that took place for the building to become what it is, so working backwards is pretty amazing, trying to interpret drawings to distill what they were inspired by.

Looks to be a good semester!




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