UNSW Built Environment Construction Management & Property: Susie Irvine

15 04 2010

Hey guys,
After a couple of months of working, hanging out friends, spending time at the beach and going overseas, it’s now back to reality. Going to my first lecture the other week was a bit of a shock to the system. Having to sit still and concentrate for over an hour, I found a bit of a struggle. But now I have started to get back into the groove of uni life, I realised just how much I have missed it.  I have really enjoyed catching up with everyone and hearing about their adventures over the summer and also starting my new subjects for the semester.

This year is the first time we have been able to choose 2 electives, which allows me to concentrate more on the building/construction side of the degree. I have selected Building Services and Estimating and Bidding for Construction Projects. Building Services, goes through all the plumbing, sewerage, air-conditioning, electrical, ventilation, lifts and fire fighting aspects of buildings, which so far I have found really interesting and useful. Estimating and Bidding is maths orientated and it goes through all the different aspects you need to cost, before you can price a project, which ranges from labour, material and plant. An advantage of having electives is that you are mixed in with students from 2nd-4th year, which allows you to meet new people, but also gain knowledge and skills from the more advanced students.

For my core subjects this semester I have Construction Law and Industrial Building Construction. It’s great for these subjects to be back with my fellow students from last year. I believe Construction Law, will be a challenging subject, as I have never done anything like it. But Industrial Building Construction is just another building block, to the knowledge I gained last year. I like it that this course is structured so each semester you learn to build a slightly larger structure, from a house, to low rise residential and now an industrial building. I am really looking forward to in the future years learning how to build the high rise buildings, which will be extremely complex and eye opening.

So far the work load has not been too bad. However this year my subjects are more exams orientated than assignments, which is a bit of a change from last year. It will be great to get further into the semester to see what challenges and experiences it holds.




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