UNSW Built Environment Construction Management & Property: John Ha

7 04 2010

Is it me, or does the saying  “Time flies when you’re having fun?!” really true?

Cause its 2010! (Immense shock!)

I am already in my Graduating year! Boy, it’s exciting and scary!

My plan for this year is a few things… Start on my thesis, finish my electives, required credits and gain some work experience…

The Military, especially the Reserves, looks pretty attractive, with good skills gained, good starting pay and good work hours… not to mention the opportunity to have free travel around Australia!
Apprenticeships and Cadet-ships with the Big Companies may also not be a bad idea!

Apart from that, I’ve been to many parties, travelled to Broken Hill twice for Project X3, and building an Art Studio out there! I hear that the next Project X is a job in China! How cool is that?

My study times are a joke… two afternoons a week? I definitely need my social life back!
Met more new friends, kept up with my mates, starting drinking alot more and got my full license!

Now with younger students coming in, I think the maturity is starting to settle in to my thick skull! (NOOOOO! I am still a young guy! I shouldn’t be this sensible!)

Anyways… I think as time passes and the lectures go by, you start to take care of yourself, your study and your life…
Which should happen anyways, cause, the person who took up ‘tertiary’ education has always been YOU (the reader!)

Take care until next time!




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