UNSW Built Environment Architectural Computing: David Butterworth

31 03 2010

So my final year is off to a hectic start, it’s week three already and the work is piling up as expected. I’m currently 3rd Year Architectural Computing so the excitement of graduating is gradually growing, I’m definitely keen to start looking for employment especially with our final grad project next semester.

The summer went very quick as I completed 3 summer courses to get ahead and free up some time this year.  I also moved out of college and into a 5 bedroom place in Randwick.

Third Year really only has one core subject which is Digital Collaboration Studio, so I don’t get to see as many familiar faces as we are all doing electives. I chose a 3d object and space elective at COFA where we are using formZ to model and print in 3d. I’m also doing Multimedia in Design Presentation with Dean Utian from BE (Built Environment) and we are currently learning Director which should be interesting.

Probably the most interesting part of this year will be that I’m starting to tutor Experimental Modelling for Jeremy Harkins.  It’s a bit daunting at first but I definitely feel comfortable standing up in the labs and running the tutes. It’s a weird change going from student to teacher but I could see myself tutoring in years to come, hopefully I can tutor more subjects next year.

Here is an image i created at the end of last year in Design Information Modelling, we were using Autodesk Revit to create a BIM (building information model) and upload to a model server! exciting stuff 🙂




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