UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Daniel Sutherland

30 03 2010

Finally back after the four month holiday and looking forward to getting back to work. Things will probably be a little rusty to begin with – especially sketching (I should have practiced).

Work outside of UNSW has kept me busier than I would have liked to have been over the break, but that’s life. I did manage to finish a few personal projects in the last 2 weeks that I’d told myself I needed to finish (I went on about how it’s good to do little projects in your holidays in a previous post!)

The first Studio 4 class was a shock to the system – a 4-hour in class assignment was handed to us before we even entered the studio room.

I have a strong feeling that this semester is not going to be as fun as others.. 4 years is a long time to spend anywhere for a younger person; I’m walking into the beginning of my 5th (others around me are into their 6th and 7th years @ UNSW).

Despite that, there is light ahead – the notion of completing “Major Project” at the end of the year is good motivation to finish off the degree.




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