UNSW Built Environment Interior Architecture: Emily Cheung

29 03 2010

Hello Hello!

My name is Emily and I’m a 2nd year student of Interior Architecture. Following my internship at Cyberlab Design I deferred Semester 2 last year to gain work experience as Student Interior Designer. The long break from Uni has surprisingly made me miss the assessment packed course. I’m really happy to say I’m at uni studying (or chilling out) and not in the office trying to meet deadlines. Not that working was a pain but its refreshing to be back to see the familiar faces and have pens, rulers, scraped sketches all over my bedroom floor.

Having completed Semester 1 of 2nd year, last year, I’m using this opportunity to complete all my electives before 4th year. I’m studying Visual Identity in the Built Environment and a totally unrelated elective (Chinese Cinemas). These two subjects are great fun in their own ways. Visual Identity in the Built Environment has challenged me to think outside the box and Chinese Cinemas has allowed me to gain insight into the movements of 20th Century China through film.

I’m really enjoying the cooler weather and hope that by Winter I will have happily finished Semester 1 2010.




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1 08 2010
Commercial Plumbers

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