UNSW Built Environment Architectural Studies: Angus Hardwick

25 03 2010

AND WE’RE BACK … Only 1 week has passed since I washed the sand off, pulled on some jeans and headed off to uni for second year and the chilled pace of summer is a distant memory. Four new subjects, another list (slightly longer I feel) of assignments, a prospect of less sleep and already a guilty feeling when you are sitting idol. Despite the expected intensity of this semester, it is one I’m greatly looking forward to.

The design studio is structured in a way which I think is going to give me some great skills in designing from a concentrated idea or parti, through to various modes of presentation. Architectural History and Theory is going to allow me to not only expand my knowledge of where architecture has ‘come from’ but also allow me to improve my sketching and ‘looking’ skills. Building Information Modeling is pushing its agenda for a new mode of design and documentation. My exposure to BIM’s application in the practicing world has made me slightly cautious of this beast, after 1 week I’m holding out and not going to be fooled by the ‘easy appearance’ of the initial tasks. Finally my elective: Architectural Model-making, has injected me with a new passion to embrace the ‘hand crafted’ side of architecture.
Over the holidays I worked for HASSELL architects. This work placement has come out of the UNSW Co-op program and architecture scholarship. By the end of the 1st week I had well and truly thrown out any of the ‘gloss’ of architecture that I may have held on to and embraced the ‘reality’ of the practicing world. My work with HASSELL saw me exposed to a diverse range of projects across three departments. I was able to work on both presentation and design work through to documentation and the ever enjoyable transmittals! I’m excited to see what skills I will be able to put into practice as the uni semester progresses. BRING IT ON!




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