UNSW Built Environment Alumni: Griffen Manan(BIA 09) DIA Grad of the Year

22 03 2010

Hi All,

It’s me again and this time I am writing this blog as a graduand….and….I’ve got some news that I want to share with you all!! Some of you might know, but for those who don’t – I have just received the Design Institute of Australia’s (DIA) Graduate of The Year Award (GOTYA) in the category of Interior Design. Anyway, I thought I’d share this milestone with you all and the process that I had to go through that won me this award………

At the end of 2009, I was nominated to enter the DIA GOTYA. As a nominated student, I was required to submit three A2 panels that showcase the best of my design abilities. I decided to enter three projects which I produced in both third and fourth year, (i.e. Urban Elegance, The Florist and of course my final graduation project, 27zero – Surry Hills Fire Station – See images below). The reasons why I chose these projects is because each design showcases different sets of skills and each project was designed using different approach.

Towards the end of January 2010, I was informed that I got into the final three in my category (together with Trent Schatzmann – who came second – and another student from Enmore), which means that I had to attend round two of the judging process. So at the beginning of February, I had to opportunity to present the three projects to a panel of 7 judges from the full range of design disciplines. 15 minutes – that was all I’ve got to present the work as well as answering questions from all of the judges. I must say it was one of the most nerve-wracking presentations I have ever done. Although I was a bit nervous at the beginning, I believe I answered every single one of their questions with confidence and everything went smoothly at the end.
After all of the judging process was all over, all of the finalists then had to wait for another month to find out who has won the award and on the 10th March, the winner, runner-ups and third-placers was announced at Stylecraft Showroom and it was then that I found out that I came first in the interior design category! And this is what the judges had to say:

Interior Design:- Griffen Manan

Griffen Manan was selected as the winner of the Interior Design category of GOTYA because he showed outstanding skills in his chosen field. His Apartment project highlighted his strong planning and detailing abilities as well as showing great skill in lighting the project with clever concealed lighting. Griffen’s presentation of his Surry Hills fire station included many of his design sketches which showcased his strong design skills in both planning, space creation and project detailing. Griffen also showed good understanding of the building services and displayed great knowledge on passive cooling and heating. His presentation skills were excellent and his drawing effectively communicated both his thought process and his finished design.

All of Griffen’s designs displayed a thorough knowledge of materials and finishes and displayed good use of these to help embellish his spaces.

We congratulate Griffen on an outstanding presentation and wish him well with his career.

Overall, it was a great experience and I couldn’t have been happier to come out of it with the first prize and the title Graduate of the Year – something that I will proudly take with me in my future endeavours.  Before I end this blog, I would like to take this opportunity to thank several people for their continued assistance and patience during the four years of my studies….

Firstly, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my parents and brother and to all members of my family for their valuable advice and guidance throughout my four years of studies. My sincere thanks are due to all the lecturers and tutors whom I have the opportunity to work with. It is with their rigorous supervision and persistent help that I was able to achieve what I have achieved. I am also deeply thankful to all my friends for their valuable assistance and encouragement which made everything possible.

And last but not least….I would like to congratulate to Trent Schatzmann for coming second!

Trent and I

Trent and I

Anyways, I think I need to wrap this up – to get more information about me, please visit: www.griffenmanan.com and to read more about the DIA GOTYA and the overview of all the winners visit: http://www.stylecraft.com.au/News-18.aspx and http://www.design.org.au/content.cfm?id=307




One response

24 03 2010

Congratulations to you and Trent for such a prestigious achievement! You’ve made the University so proud!
I’ve seen most of your works, and they are undeniably amazing design projects and presentations.
You deserve it, Griffen!
All the best for future endeavour!

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