UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Sascha Dal Santo

17 03 2010

Hi everyone!

For those who are new to this blog, my name is Sascha and I am now (scarily enough!) a 4th year Industrial Design student.

The last couple years have gone by so fast! I remember my first day of Industrial Design, and now I’m one of the 4th years who I would look at and never believe that I would reach to their level at Uni!

With this year being my final year of Industrial Design, it is going to be a completely crazy and jam-packed year ahead!
For our studies, we have to complete a project research report on a topic area based on a particular problem. After the many weeks of research that we have already begun to undertake, we then have to develop some potential design solutions to the problem. I have selected to focus on motorbike and scooter rider safety, and am going to look at the potential design possibilities for a series of products which will aim to enhance riders’ safety whilst on the roads.  Despite the hefty amount of research required, I’m looking forward to completing the project!

Also this session we will be taking our major design studio class, which will greatly assist us next session when we actually create the products we have designed from our project research reports.  We are also taking a design management course too, which is a nice change from some of the other subjects we will be doing!

Outside of Uni, I will also be commencing my scholarship with the Australian Institute of Packaging, which I was awarded last year. In addition to the study and course work associated to the scholarship, it has also involved some media work which I undertook over the summer break. This consisted predominantly of interviews, which I did with the AIP and also Cormack Packaging.

Overall, it’s going to be a crazy, busy, non-stop-work session! But then again, it always is with Industrial Design!

– Sash.




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