UNSW Built Environment Alumni: Indian Pacific Hotel by Jeff Tsang (Interior Arch 09)

11 03 2010

Project Title: Indian Pacific Hotel
Long-distance Passenger Train
Client: Great Southern Rail
Site: Existing carriages of the current Indian Pacific

Section / Single Sleeper

Seciton / Single-Twin Sleeper

Section / Restaurant

The Indian Pacific train made its inagural journey from Sydney to Perth in 1970 and, to this day, runs upon the longest stretch of railway tracks in the world.  Since this trip, necessary upgrades have been made to its onboard facilities; however major alteration have been kept to a minimum in order to retain its historical character.  This has resulted in an interior that represents four decades of disjointed design styles.

Perspetive Double Sleeper

This project is the design of a new fleet of trains, hosed within the shell of the existing Indian Pacific carriages, and based on the requirements of the 21st century passenger.  The new space is a nomadic hotel which one would find services similar, not only to modern airlines and ocean liners, but to the resorts and hotels of the world.  Increased seating and sleeping space, bathroom amenities, dining arrangements and entertainment facilities have all been re-evaluated to maximise passenger comfort, while still in keeping with the confines of the train’s physical proportions.

Perspective / Single-twin Sleeper

Perspective / Single Sleeper

As the site for this project is a nomadic structure, the notion of movement has been used as the core ingredient for the interpretation and development of the architectural forms and compositions within.

Perspective / Restaurant

Perspective / Lounge

The scheme aims to bring a fresh view on the long distance train travel, and breathe life into an increasingly overlooked mode of transportation.

Section / Double

Section / Restaurant




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