UNSW Built Environment Alumni: Reactivation – Henry Chan (Landscape 09)

25 02 2010

Reactivation: Initiate a vibrate and self-sufficient metropolis

Site Plan

The project connects and rejuvenates­­­ Glebe Island from a neglected post-industrial landscape into a valuable component of the urban landscape. Instead of the passive design approach to reclaim post-industrial landscape into an ecological precinct, these proposed reclaim site should make greater use of its perimeter and become a metropolitan attraction that brings users deep into the space.

Moreover, Glebe Island will be the frontier to compensate for the urban development that is disturbing the equilibrium between the Sydney’s market gardens and its green spaces that support the urban context.  Hence, Permaculture design principle was present to resolve this disruption of the human support system.

The Newly established human support system, will focus on a complex design process looking at water, topography, vegetation and anthropology at different stages that result in a fusion design which highlight the contrast between the industrial and natural landscape.

Permaculture garden at Glebe Island

Green wall at Glebe Island Silo

As a result the outcome will be successful to create a lively connection between the Park & City by relating Glebe Island as a catalyst to meet its goal for Sydney to become a sustainable city by 2030.

3D Perspective





One response

7 09 2010

I’m just the passer who searching for a good example of site analysis (for my architecture project) and your work is very impressive!

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