UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Elective project by Man Chun Wong

18 02 2010

Student: Man Chun Wong
Contact: ysoytsit@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.coroflot.com/man_wong
Skill: Illustration/3D-modelling/Technical drawing

During the four years of my Industrial Design degree I have gained and developed a range of skills and knowledge. Through the past projects, I have developed my own design process, theory and visual language.

Dinner Culture - Pleaso Teapot

By working on each studio projects, I have the opportunities to develop my skill of researching, marketing, product planning and presentation. Every steps of the process required a lot of practice and improvement of skills and knowledge which I have learnt. Organisational skills such as time management have developed the strength in my discipline and have improved my work efficiency.
The following works show that different goals such as marketing skill, brand cooperation, culture identity and problem solving have been developed. Each of them allows me to strengthen my logical/technical thinking skills, creativity, 2D/3D presentation and modelling skills.
Design is a combination of every aspect in our lives such as culture, technology, economy, society and even religion. By exploring each of them, we discover what people need and what is good for them. As it is said that technology is based on improving people’s lives, design would be the form that connect it and people together and we all should be passionate to improve our future.

Ryobi vacuum cleaner exploded view

Ryobi vacuum cleaner packaging

Product elevations

Exploded view




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