UNSW Built Environment Master of Architecture: The public place in Sydney (Final year studio)

11 02 2010

“To draw is to select, to select is to interpret and to interpret is to propose.”  Manuel de Sola-Morales

This program drew on architectural strategies developed by Candelepas associates in their practice.  The studio supported students in their analysis and evaluation of the city with close study of a site in the vicinity of Customs House and its environs.

The studio began with analytical drawings.  There was a requirement to draw observations of public and private places in Sydney’s CBD for an area the boundaries of which are:

  • East: Macquarie Street
  • West: Kent Street and the Harbour Bridge
  • South: Martin Place
  • North: Sydney Harbour (including the Opera House)

Abstract mappings and observations throughout the semester were conducted with reference to:

  • Figure ground
  • Height mapping
  • Use mapping
  • Historical mapping
  • Edge conditions
  • Landscape
  • Built Form
  • Population
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Memory

This process prepared students in their development of individual proposals for the site in the vicinity of Customs House and for the purposes of a cultural use.

Students: Barry Babikian, Raeed Dannawi, Amanda Kezovski, Joseph Khoury, Carmen Masry, Ayu Mintara, Angelo Parisi, Louise Tsung-Lei Parsonage, Mark Roach, Silvia Sanjaya, Robert Ursino

Studio Leaders: Angelo Candalepas & Andrew Scott

Angelo Candalepas runs a well known medium sized architectural practice in Sydney.  The work of this practice has received many prestigious architectural and industry awards.

Andrew Scott is an associate of Candalepas Associates They have been teaching studio in the graduation year at UNSW for three years.




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