UNSW Built Environment Interior Architecture: Woman’s Wellness Hotel – Diane Farrugia (Interior Arch 09)

9 02 2010

Project: Women’s Wellness Hotel – Women’s specialist health and counselling centre

Client: WHNSW

Site: 69 George Street, North Parramatta NSW

Diane Farrugia, Bachelor of Interior Architecture (diane.f86@gmail.com)

The Women’s Wellness Hotel’s framework is based on current health clinics provided by Women’s Health NSW throughout the state.

There is current need for a centre of this type to be integrated into the thriving Western Sydney sector of the NSW Health network.  This centre will provide for the diverse and flourishing population of this area and its surrounding suburbs, primarily for women in need of health network facilities.  The site is situated approximately 3km from Westmead Hospital.

By blending conselling, health promotion, education and clinical services with a hotel option, this new development aims to provide for women of all ages and situations.  The hotel addition also allows interstate or visitors from rural areas to make use of the facilities and the surrounding health clinics.

Central Void Space

Indoor Swimming Facility

Therapy Rooms

The design approach of the Health Hotel will utilise the existing symmetry and Spanish Mission style of the chosen site, creating a feminine and inviting space for all visitors.  The purposed design shall be inserted into the existing building, creating volumes and a relationship between public and private spaces.

The purpose of Women’s Health NSW centres is to create an inviting environment that works within the social view of women’s health, and acknowledges the physical, emotional and mental health, as well as the broader social and economic factors that impact on women’s health and ability to access services.




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