UNSW Built Environment Landscape Architecture: Urban Biophilia by Mark Santangelo (Landscape Arch 09)

4 02 2010

Project: Urban Biophilia: Restorative environments within the constraints of the city

Mark Santangelo, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture


As the modern city continues to manifest complex physical density along with the psychological order it demands, the need to satisfy our innate human desire to connect with the living world (biophilia), has become increasingly apparent. Urban Biophilia stands as a model to meet this human need through the lens of Landscape.

Ultimately this project creates restorative environments for people, both residents of Inner West Sydney and the student population of the new UTS campus at this site. These environments are unique from each other, offering variety of mood and function. The primary objective is to give the user of this park system an experience of pure contemplation and personal disconnection from urban pressures, and connection with a seemingly ‘natural’ environment.

Open vast grassland environment & community

Conceptual sketches of space & order

By re-creating a ‘naturalistic’ environment, the potential has emerged to manage & treat stormwater that has been collected to form the scenic pond, riparian & wetland areas, and simultaneously ecology, by incorporating habitat areas and indigenous plant communities.

By taking a psychological perspective on the effect the natural environment has on people, landscape has been moulded and manipulated in search of what really is an environment that can restore the negative syndromes that city life presents to its people.

Detail site plan

Reinstated mangroves at Rozelle Bay

Wetland/Floodzone Environment & Community




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