UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Black Ice by Lin Jinghao (Industrial Design 09)

1 02 2010

Black Ice: Win Chiller Storage

Lin Jinghao, Bachelor of Industrial Design



The Chinese import wine market is rapidly increasing, thanks mainly to its growing GDP. The market has more than doubled over the last ten years and by 2011, China is expected to be the eighth largest market for wine in the world.

‘Black Ice’ is the perfect way to store your favourite wine. Designed to celebrate the beauty of wine bottles, the unique design racking system and glass doors guarantee 100% visibility of the labels on each bottle. With a holding capacity of 28 bottles, it is perfect for any luxury wine connoisseur. The product contains two storage chambers protected by a security program providing the owner, individual temperature adjustment.

Temperature control unit

‘Black Ice’ is designed specifically for the Chinese luxury market. The coexistence of traditional wooden furniture and modern electric appliances fully reflect their cultural essence as well as their desire of improving living condition. With its wooden panels and high polish details, the ‘Black Ice’ should blend right in to the ever-transforming home of the upwardly mobile and cultural elite.




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