UNSW Built Environment Alumni: Community Art as a means of Place-Making for Culturally Divers Communities

11 01 2010

Rhonda Jamleoui, Planning 09

The creation and promotion of public space is seen as a powerful opportunity to generate cultural engagement within a community despite a lack of understanding which planners and local communities often have for changing demographics in established neighbourhoods and their resistance to new cultural expressions. The role of creating culturally influenced public spaces is to alleviate isolation and the fracturing of community life by bringing together people from culturally diverse backgrounds. The thesis is an investigation of the creation of place through community art. The research will focus on the design and implementation of community art projects which allow local people to express their culture and local stories through a collaborative process in which all local stakeholders take part. The thesis investigates three case studies:  Greenacre Town Centre Improvement Art program, Llandilo Multicultural Footprints and Nelson Park Upgrade. All three projects illustrate the ways in which communities can come together to improve their local neighbourhood, creatively address local issues and eliminate cultural barriers through promotion of public space. Community art projects allow local people to take pride in where they live, create a sense of place and provide a level of ownership which empowers them to care and maintain for their local area.




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