UNSW Built Environment Alumni: 27zero – Surry Hills Fire Station by Griffen Manan (Interior Arch 09)

6 01 2010

27Zero Surry Hills Fire Station by Griffen Manan

Client: NSW Fire Brigade

Site: 270 Devonshire St, Surry Hills

Situated at one of the most prominent intersections in downtown Surry Hills, 27zero (Surry Hills Fire Station) was set out to increase the resources of the New South Wales Fire Brigade to protect life, property and the local environment.  Additionally, the facility also aims to enhance the quality of life of the fire fighters through improved planning, amenity and infrastructure.

Public Entrance

Approximately three-quarters of this building devotes itself to the apparatus bay, storage areas, training rooms, as well as residential spaces for the fire fighters.  In addition, the facility also features a spectacular atrium that leads to a cafe and gallery spaces that are accessible to the general public.  The objective is to educate the community and raise awareness of fire safety, as research shows that one-third of children in NSW wouldn’t know what to do in a home fire.  Visual relationship was established between the public and private spaces to allow the general public to get a glimpse of the station without interfering in the fire fighters’ day-to-day activities.

Gallery Space

Recreation Room

As a consequence, the design explores the connection between the opposites such as public and private, history and the new, as well as tradition and innovation.  The design also optimises the opportunity for robust, bold and dramatic architecture whilst still preserving the modesty of the existing site.

Internal studies around the site – passage of light, and vehicular and human traffic influenced the internal planning, while the building’s volume was derived from the geometric form of the existing building.  Environmental initiatives from passive solar design to the furniture/fittings selections were also involved in the design decisions.  As a result, not only will this station be a big win to the community but it’s also a big win to the environment.

The Bridge

Surveillance Bridge




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