UNSW Built Environmnet Event: Grand Design – [re]vision09: Master of Architecture Graduation Exhibition

3 12 2009

Graduates from the Master of Architecture program have worked with some of Australia’s leading architects on final year projects, which address the challenge of making Sydney more livable.

The exhibition featured projects from a diverse range of design studios with leading architects as our tutors including ‘public space in Sydney’, ‘a manner of making things, ‘materials, tectonics and detailing’ and ‘living in contemporary Sydney’.


About 700 students, family, Friends, academics and professionals attended our exhibition opening night on Friday November 20th at CarriageWorks and more than 2000 throughout the week.
There are about 100 unique individuals graduating this year. Each of us has been on an extraordinary journey, in search of our own special dream. Some of us have crossed oceans, some have lost loved ones and some have found a new love.

But we all share the same passion. We all survived the ‘good’ crits as well as the ‘bad’ crits, worked endless hours into the nights and we have forged strong friendships that will remain for life.  What seemed like a far away dream when we all began this journey, 5 or so years ago, is now a reality. We are all graduating with pride and joy. As you can see – Dreams do come true!

This part of our shared dream has come to an end. Off we go, as others have done before us, on an adventurous path, with hope that it will lead us to success and fulfilment.  But we are not only dreamers, we are also dream makers. And it is time now for us to make the dreams of others come true as well.

On behalf of the 2009 UNSW Master of Architecture graduation year we would like to thank, our parents, partners, children, and friends: our lecturers, tutors, course convenors administrative staff and professional guests for bearing with us over the last five or so years, For helping us achieve what we have done to date and what we aspire to do in the future. And finally many thanks to our sponsors and donors for making our graduation exhibition at CarriageWorks possible.

To view graduands projects, images from the exhibition and the exhibition film go to

Marco Frascari




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